Tumumer is the northern continent of the Five Nations, split by its central mountain range into the nations of Zaginduru to the west, and Anzakar to the east. Due to its central location within the Five Nations and two large bays along its equatorial southern coast, these two nations are a part of almost every trade route in the Adinite territories, as well as the east coast of Sherdasa.
  The jagged, high mountain peaks along the northern coast of the continent make up one of the coldest regions on Adin, with the western arm of the mountains maintaining snowy peaks year-round. Few live in these unforgiving mountains, but the Underworlds of Zaginduru and Anzakar have connected the two nations beneath the peaks and through to the north. A few small villages exist along the northern coast, primarily engaged in fishing and harvesting kelp and algae from the frigid Abysmal Sea.


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