The Spear of Ninurta

Worship of Ninurta by traditional priests, or En, takes place in numerous temples around the world. This does not concern them.
  Though officially a minor God of agriculture and prediction of rain, Ninurta had a reputation among the early Adinites as the one who always showed up with a transport ship full of weaponry whenever a strange creature was reported to be lurking in the area.
  The Spear of Ninurta is a loosely affiliated group of thrill-seekers, adventurers, explorers, and occasionally rogues that celebrate the spirit of Ninurta's extra-divine hobbies. Though most of Adin has now been explored, there are some areas considered dangerous and uninhabitable. The Spear thrives in such places, organizing expeditions from their guild halls in major cities, or from the corner of a seedy bar in the smaller ones.
  Whether it's the island chains stretching between Sherdasa and the Five Nations, or high in the mountains where no Adinite has bothered to go, the Spear is up for the challenge. They hunt megafauna and predators for sport, preferring to capture them live to display back in civilized lands or to trade to the Nommo for study. If a creature is threatening the people of Adin though, most will not hesitate to kill if required.
  Members of the Spear may also be hired as mercenaries, typically to escort surveyors into wild areas or for protection of trade caravans. Most famously, members of the Spear of Ninurta were accompanying the mineral survey team that discovered the vault in Kibalagaldi containing the golems and other artifacts of the Gods. Members too far into their drink bring this feat up frequently, declaring that the Spear is responsible for finding golems and, by extension, winning the war.
  Membership is not difficult to obtain, and varies between guild halls. Some smaller guild leaders that don't want to be bothered will send applicants to a larger city. Initiation usually involves nothing more than successfully completing a contract, alone or with established members, and dangerous amounts of alcohol.
  No dues are required, but the local guild takes a percentage from each contract completed. Still, the contracts can be quite lucrative for members, and the Spear attracts people from all walks of life. This is a particularly good option for people born without innate shaping abilities, as it can be hard to find work in unskilled labor with the arrival of golems.
  The Spear of Ninurta was founded in the Five Nations and spread throughout them before the war began. Sherdasans had no contact with Ninurta, apart from a short, fateful visit he made to the Udug to speak with the Gods working with them at the time. Post-war, the Spear has opened chapters in Sherdasa as well, and was a strong factor in early exploration of their lands by the Adinites.
  They will allow members of the Sherdasan species to join, but these must be referred by an active Adinite member to gain entry. This rule is currently being discussed and is likely to be revoked soon. Apart from the entry requirement, once a member of the Spear the Sherdasans are treated no differently from any other member of the guild. They are not discriminated against with lower pay or higher fees, nor are they ever forced to take contracts nobody else wants.
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