Po Tolo

Po Tolo is a massive white dwarf that orbits Sigi Tolo with a period of ~50 Earth years. The two share a center-of-mass orbit, pulling at each other in an eternal dance as they spiral through space. Po Tolo and Sigi Tolo vary in distance between 8.2AU at their closest, to 31.5AU at the far edge of their orbit. Po Tolo is much dimmer than its companion star, but during the period where the two are close together, the surface of Adin goes through a period of extreme UV exposure and magnetic storms. The exotic nature of Emme Ya Tolo protects Adin from the worst of these solar reactions, but it still causes earthquakes and electromagnetic disturbances all over the world, causing most Adinites to shelter in the Underworlds for several months until the conjunction is passed.


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