Pale Ache

This is a normally minor skin condition, contracted through contact with the spores of the cloud parasol mushroom, common across all continents of Adin in the warmer climates. It can affect all the humanoid species of Adin. Pale ache causes blotches of greyish skin with a mild itch, and is often ignored.   When one of the Nommo contracts pale ache, it is often mistaken for parasites or a rash caused by contact with some plant, the telltale grey patches hidden beneath fur or feathers. In a healthy Nommo, the pale ache is no more dangerous than the rash everyone else experiences from this minor fungal infection.   However, when the host Nommo's immune system shuts down due to another disease or death, the fungus becomes more aggressive and is able to get into the central nervous system of the Nommo. If this occurs, the Nommo is fully dead and their soul is unable to be bound. The pale ache quickly spreads over the skin of the corpse and begins breaking it down with enzymes.   Ingestion of the strange Nommo genes causes rapid mutations in the resulting mushrooms, which can number in the dozens depending on the mass of the corpse. Each of these mushrooms develops traits similar to the Nommo's final form, and begin to break off from the remains and walk off as individual creatures known as mycocephs.   Pale ache can be easily treated by a kursu, or through several readily available combinations of herbs known to treat common fungal rashes.


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