Adinite computers, including the golem shems, the Meh, and all forms of data storage, are based off of technology left behind by the Gods. Some of these devices have been available for scrutiny and duplication since the beginning, and did not rely on the discoveries from the Ednimuru vault, although some of the items found there did lead to advancements in computing. 
  The physical structure of these devices is similar across all applications, alternating layers of platinum oxide and carbon, and always encased in a solid carbon package. Rather than using a basic 0-1 binary system, or the 0-2 state achieved through quantum computers, these advanced chips utilize the oxidation phase of the platinum transferring electrons between the carbon and via applied electricity to compute using a -3 to +6 state, resulting in a range of 10 and allowing for remarkably fast computing with very, very tiny processors.


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