Masgu is the southern continent of the Five Nations, divided by its wide central mountainous region into two nations. The jungles of Gibila occupy most of the western half, with colder and less pleasant foothills to the south of the jungle. The eastern half of Masgu is the rebel lands of Kibala, once forbidden but recently instated as the new nation of Kibalagaldi. Kibalagaldi for a short time was the sixth nation, but after the fall of Satium the number returned to five.   The most populated lands lie along the warmer equatorial northern coast, ranging from swampy lowlands at the far western point, into the dense jungle of Gibila, hugging the coast along the mountainous region, then descending into chaparral in Kibalagaldi, followed by large patches of tropical forest mixed with fertile grasslands that extend down the eastern coast.   Several of the settlements along this long stretch of coastline were destroyed by naval bombardment or burned by the Sherdasans in the Great War. A couple of these were rebuilt after The Winter of Peace to support the changing trade routes, but most were left to ruin as their locations held no intrinsic value.


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