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The title of Lugal was given to only ten people on Adin - one immortal ruler for each of the Five Nations of Adin, and one for each of the five orphan colonies on the far continent of Babel. These ten were chosen for their wisdom, their leadership qualities, and their devotion to the gods. The Adinite five were made immortal to maintain an incorruptible record of the Edicts of Heaven, and to guide their people eternally through the wisdom of the gods. The orphan colonies were given immortal leaders as a sign of the gods beneficence, and given the already flawed offspring the orphaned species were producing, it was in part to safeguard them from further corruption by preserving samples from the first generation of each species.   It was assumed that by giving immortality to these ten individuals, as the gods had done on countless worlds before, they would be giving their beloved creations beacons of hope to lead them through whatever struggles would come.   The Children of the ELF lost their Lugal to a collapse of their Underworld in a series of earthquakes. The immortal leader of the Udug, Sherdasu, mercilessly slaughtered the remaining three Lugals of the Babel colonies and brought their varied people under his rule in the name of the gods. He declared himself Nam-Lugal, a divinely appointed king above kings, and called his combined world Sherdasa. On discovering the Adinite nations across the deep ocean, he killed one of their Lugals as well before the Adinites could react, bringing the total number of immortal Lugals to only five.   The newly created Adinite nation of Kibalagaldi appointed its own leader, independent of the Five Nations. Lugal Enlilson is recognized by the others as an equal in standing, but he is not immortal.
Nobility, Non-hereditary


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