Seen by most as an abstract "spirit of Adin" or "earth mother" that is some invisible force of nature, gi-ya is known to a few as a living gestalt, an actual consciousness of the world.   The influence of gi-ya is stronger at certain points of Adin. The strongest by far is in the jungles of Gibila and their Underworld. The Adinites who live there, and in fact any who visit the mystical jungle, feel a strong urge to remain in Gibila. Those who leave experience an urge to return to Gibila for the rest of their lives.   Another hardpoint for gi-ya's influence is the Forests of Gold and Crimson, located in what used to be the nation of Satium. Visitors to those woods experience the same pull as those who go to Gibila, but much of Satium is now covered by the Kudz and inaccessible to most people.   Kudz is not natural to Adin, originating from the moon Kudz-Ud. Gi-ya can feel the presence of the Kudz, and considers it a cancer to be removed. The few adventurers that have pushed through the Kudz far enough to actually get close to the Forests of Gold and Crimson report that the Forests do still exist, but massive portions of the beautiful woods are now covered in thick tendrils of Kudz.   Also, strange creatures now live within them, beings of Kudz-green plant matter and walking mushrooms, in the forms of various species of Adin, even some that look like golems. These strange beings tear each other apart in slow motion, and will attack any other living beings that venture too close to them.   At the end of the Great War, when the Adinites cracked the world and triggered the eruption of a new supervolcano, gi-ya screamed out in agony. Any Adinite that had ever set foot in the Forests or Gibila felt great anguish and despair in that moment, and many suffered from stress or depression for years following the event.
Exotic, Gestalt Consciousness


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