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Sallphiese Holyfire

The Crusader

Written by Asa Jacobson

Sallphiese Corlandoo, also known as Sallphiese the Crusader, goes by many names but most commonly Sally. She was the daughter of a Lord in one of the six kingdoms, but never revealed who her father was, or where she was born. Many believe her parents died when she was young, which is what led her to the Sisterhood of Holyfire. She learned the Aether magic, as all Holyfire do, but also wields one of the magic swords from the second demon war in the early sixth millennium.
CALL TO ADVENTURE When Sally was just three, her parents died of a mysterious illness which swept through the Six Kingdoms. Sallphiese is known to have survived thirty days in the wild, with nothing except her father's arming sword, which she still keeps with her today. A great number of enemies have fallen beneath her from a young age, making her hesitant to trust anyone. She believes the Chrome created the sickness that slew her parents, and has always had an unquenching thirst for revenge. After joining the ranks of trainees of Holyfire, Sallphiese set to work establishing her powers, with the help of her one friend- Bay Krosby. They often found themselves in trouble together, whether in the kitchen hall of Keepers Castle or against innumerable odds on the battlefield. In 7001 E.M., the Holyfire Seven moved to war-faze, establishing the next Seven. Among these, where both Bay and Sallphiese.
Sally proved from a young age her warrior-mentality, killing an impressive number of foes to reach the Abandoned Isle and find the distant offspring of Kristen Holyfire. Her greatest challenge was restraining her blood-thirst against the Chrome during her period of training, which she only did with the help and support of Bay, her dear friend. Her greatest accomplishment came in the form of an unexpected expedition during a diplomatic mission in Malares. She took only twelve days with a small army to retake the entire border mountain range between the Coalition and the Chrome- thus it was cemented into legend as 'The Conquest of Twelve Suns'.
SALLPHIESE'S LEGACY Upon her return to the Isle, she was fiercely scolded by her colleagues among the Seven, but the trainee's heralded her as a hero. Following a heated tussle with the angry leaders of the Coalition, Sallphiese was widely regarded as a hero in both Denyth and Agranillis. Although the Holyfire Seven are on good terms with the Coalition, Sallphiese was banned from returning to those lands, for leading an army which she didn't have a right to lead into harms way.
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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sallphiese has a number of physical afflictions which are a result of the trauma caused after her parents death. She has a condition which causes her blood to be constantly cold, making frozen climates dangerous for her. She also has partial memory capacity, as well as mental thinking lost.

Identifying Characteristics

She walks in directly forward, with one foot in front of the other. Her trail looks like a straight line. She can also be recognized by her involuntary smirk.

Special abilities

She wields the awesome power of Aether pulling, a power which allows her to cast powerful blast of energy from her fingertips.

Apparel & Accessories

Her battlefield garment is always a coal black steel plated gambeson, with a deep purple cloak and hood.

Specialized Equipment

She carries her father's magic sword, a relic from the second Demon War in the early sixth millennium. It has a flame magic which flashes and stuns enemies when swung.

Mental characteristics


She was trained in the arts of Life Draining and Aether pulling by the Sisterhood of Holyfire until she was seventeen. Her education was only in magic, but she managed to learn to read and write by studying books on war and tactics. Consequently, she's a brilliant leader on the battlefield as evidenced by the Conquest of Twelve Suns.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defeated the entire garrison on Hell's Peak in an astonishing twelve days, a legendary feat which was recorded in all nation's historys.

Mental Trauma

Lost her parents to a mysterious illness when she was three, had to survive in the wild for a month.

Personality Characteristics


She is always hungering for revenge for her parents demise, which she believes is the fault of the Chrome


Family Ties

She is the daughter of an unknown Coalition lord, who is said to have been second to the King

Religious Views

She doesn’t believe in the Kristen’s religion, but she nods along with the Holyfire beat. Personally, she has no religious views


Sallphiese Holyfire

Mentor (Trivial)

Towards Scarlet Holyfire



Scarlet Holyfire

Trainee (Important)

Towards Sallphiese Holyfire




Sallphiese is one of the Holyfire Seven, and thus is the trainer of Scarlet Holyfire. Sallphiese does not particularly care for Scarlet, and thinks she lacks potential, but nevertheless Sallphiese pushes her hard.

Sallphiese Holyfire became a well known name after she intercepted an attack force numbering eight thousand from the Six Kingdoms, intent on taking back Hell's Peak from the Hellestic Chrome. They became leaderless, so she gathered them and led them, wanting to simply knock off those among the ranks of Hell's Herald. Her heroics and tactics led to the complete anhelation of over ten thousand Chrome infantry and forcing their presence from the mountain range. This expedition took twelve days, starting in Malares and ending in the destruction of the last fortress between the Coalition and the Chrome. She is personally responsible for the death of a dozen officers and generals, as well as three towns, one city, and one fort's burning and destruction.
Current Residence
Bright Black
Long straight, midnight black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
110 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If you have a sword and a brain, you're the most lethal weapon you can be."
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Agranillis English

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