Tree's Reach

Tree's Reach is a quaint town situated deep within the Silvanus Woods. It has no formal government as it is under the Order's jurisdiction however the guild Giant's Wonder that the village was built around usually sorts out most disputes as opposed to the guards in the village as they are mostly in the tavern, Giant's rest, taking the quests from the guild or causing the disputes by preventing cargo to enter or exit the village.   The village has handled the increased taxes well and the guild is managing to survive through sheer stubbornness. The guild members have frightened most of the guards enough to prevent them from wanting to take the quests. The guild members also spend most of their income on the local establishments giving them the extra boosts that allows them to survive. The guild master Shuten and The Zora prince Sun have both been paying off some of the harshest taxes placed upon the businesses.


Made up of mostly gold, silver, bronze and black dragonborn as well as angels, fallen angels and draconic angels. A smaller percentage of roc roc, centaurs and orcs. Only 1 zora.


There is no formal government. The village is under the jurisdictional of Shinraku and in tern the capital and the Order. The Giant's Wonder guild usually does the policing in the city.


The guild


The guild. The blacksmith, the alchemists. Exports: Crafted goods, crops, horses, completed quests, meats, fish and pelts Imports: Ores, jewels, ale , food, glass, ice


Roads, watermill, sewers, furnaces, bridge, dock, Sawmill, graveyard, shrine, library, farm, stables, Silvanus Strike hunters lodge, Scarlett Ale brewery branch.


Blacksmith, Guild, general goods store, alchemists, Giant's rest inn

Guilds and Factions

Giant's Wonder Guild Silvanus Strike Hunters Guild


The settlement was built around the Giant's Wonder guild. The guild hall is much older than the settlement.


Simple stone structures with thatched roofs. The houses are adorned with windows and plants. There are four hunter outposts that surround the village in the trees to allow watchers to signal if an attack is imminent. The GW guild hall is made out of wood and stone with a large hall on the ground but stretches out into several tree houses which are used as dorms


The village is built on flat land with a river flowing through the village. The village is situated in Silvanus Woods so is surrounded by trees on all sides.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forest, grain and crops from the fields, meat and pelts from animals, fish from the river, string from plants, alchemy supplies from the plants in the area.
Location under
Silvanus Woods
Characters in Location


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