Aka Auriel (a.k.a. Shishou)

Shishou is a very calm and mysterious person. She was born as a blood angel descended from a succubus so has an intense sexual lust and taste for mortal flesh. It has been somewhat subsided due to her past experiences. Due to this she isn't trusting of people apart from Kiyoshi. She wears a featureless mask and a long leather coat with a hood to conceal her identity.
  She can seem severe but she is very caring and kind once you get to know her.
  Shishou is still devastated by her past. She wishes to destroy is and move on. To do this she seeks the eradication of the Orders Viper association. Her fixation on this has manifested in the great sword Azrael, the sword that tolls the bell, through it she can severe fate itself and impose death upon a target. It takes but a single cut to bring about instant death.
  Her lifeday is the 14th of Mordread

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Incredibly physically fit

Body Features

Pale skin tone. Two crimson wings that stretch from her back. Her body is covered in scars

Facial Features

Sharp facial features.

Identifying Characteristics

A tattoo above the the pelvis

Apparel & Accessories

A short black dress and red tie. Red armoured gauntlets. A long black leather coat with a hood. A black blank mask with two crimson eye covers.

Specialized Equipment

All weapons. Prefers a katana.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was born into a forgotten village in the capital plains. Her village attempted to stand up to the capital and refused to pay the increased tax. As punishment the army was sent to wipe out and eradicate the village. She watched as her parents where butchered in front of her. She attempted to run with her sister but was caught by two soldiers. She managed to kill both of them. She was born as a subrace of blood angel who held the blood of succubi. As such she was able to overpower and kill the two. Once they dropped to the ground they believed they were free until they heard clapping. The general of the capitals army, Dias Scarlett, had witnessed what Shishou did. He overpowered the two and took them back to the capital. He ordered them to be trained as assassin's for The Order. Shishou's sister was then taken by a group of assassin's called the Demon Lords Viper. Shishou screamed for her sister but was silenced as Dias held his hand over her mouth. He leaned in and whispered in her ear: "Do not worry, you will be trained too. In a different group of course, if you wish to see her again you will do exactly as we say. But before all of that I've been given permission to have you for tonight." He then tore off the clothes that Shishou's mother had made for her and violated her for the whole night. She was 9.   Shishou was then sent to be trained by The Order's Viper assassin group. All day every day she was pushed to her limit training her body to fight while she was raped every night to train her to please her targets. The only thing that got her through it was the thought that she was going to kill them all and save her sister. She endured this for 20 years until she was deemed trained.   All the assassin groups were called together and given a special target. A known affiliate of Akkadia, the only person that posed a credible threat to the order. A male draconic angel named Kiyoshi. It was on this hunt that Shishou met her sister again. She begged her sister to run away together but her sister would have none of it. As they bickered neither noticed that a group of assassin's had been set to watch them. The group moved in to kill them. But before they could a golden winged draconic angel saved them. It was their target. He defeated all of them and told them to run.   Shishou screamed at Kiyoshi. If they were allowed to leave they would tell Dias and she would be executed for treason. Kiyoshi merely smiled and told her that she better come with him and get away from the capital. His smile was so warm, it reminded Shishou of her mother. Her chest became tight and tears welled up in her eyes it had been so long since she had seen kindness. She accepted the offer but her sister draw her blade. She cursed Shishou and saying she was a traitor. They had no choice but to leave her as she screamed "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill every enemy of The Order".   As Kiyoshi and Shishou travelled Shishou discovered Kiyoshi was heading to a small village called Tree's Reach to join an adventurers guild called Giant's Wonder. He told her that he saw them once, they weren't a big guild but they all seemed so happy and kind. Shishou thought it sounded like a great place.   When they joined Shishou had a hard time adjusting but she eventually settled. She grew to care about these people a lot but she couldn't help but feel like she was abandoning her sister.


Taught by The Orders Viper to fight and kill. Taught by her parents to read and write


She works at the Giant's Wonder

Failures & Embarrassments

Being caught by The Order. Letting her sister be taken from her. Leaving her sister

Mental Trauma

Being raped by so many. Being tortured and hurt night after night. Being forced to kill innocents

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, Musical

Morality & Philosophy

Save the innocents, slay the guilty.


Talking about her sister

Personality Characteristics


To kill her sister and bring down The Order

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good at anything that requires hand-eye coordination. Really good at cooking.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes meat and cute animals. Hates repulsive people.

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick to act, patient and caring.

Vices & Personality flaws

Can be coldhearted. Will do anything to reach her target.

Personality Quirks

Tends to take a lot of samples when cooking


Keeps herself and her house clean


Contacts & Relations

Friends with Kiyoshi

Family Ties


Religious Views

No gods care about us

Social Aptitude

Extremely cold to new people


Very cold and flat

Hobbies & Pets


Wealth & Financial state

She shares wealth with Kiyoshi. She's never lived on her own so they rent a quaint little house in Tree's Reach together. They are not extremely rich but they're ok.

Blood Angels
Year of Birth
221 (33 years old)
Capital Plains
Current Residence
Giant's Wonder
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Long raven black
Quotes & Catchphrases
I will send you to the grave
Aligned Organization
Giant's wonder
Known Languages
All she isn't very linguistic but she was taught all languages so she could be a more effective assassin


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