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Actrein ('æktreɪn, AK-train) is a world in which magic is caused by an element physically present in its atmosphere (which also just so happens to be toxic to humans in too high a dose). It's a world with demons and parasites, among other dangers.
It's also the setting for the in-development video game Torn Skies.
  Torn Skies begins with the creation of a human. This human is accidentally dropped into a world they were not supposed to be placed in, a world in which they are not welcome. The inhabitants of this world are openly hostile towards humans. They will fear you. Some will even hate you. Others may just see you as their ticket to riches.
The world itself seems to be actively working against your presence. It resents you. You aren’t supposed to be here, and yet here you are. In fact, it seems as though even the air you’re trying to breathe is working against you.
You aren’t supposed to be here, are you?
  On the other hand, though, the inhabitants of this world seem pretty well adjusted to the world around them. "Actreines", they call themselves. They relish in the magic that the atmosphere grants them. From spells conjuring massive fireballs to the smallest of flames, truly this world has blessed them.