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Kuma Town

The Gracious Oasis

Don't think of Kuma as a settlement, think of it as a way of life.
— Kire, the Third Elder
As the sun is brought to the highest point in the sky overhead the town, citizens gather for a communal offering and thanksgiving to their god and saviour, Panahon. Visitors from far away towns look away in a mix of confusion and embarrassment for the desert peoples, while others help and take part, not sure what the ceremony is for. Those that stay would learn that it's a daily occurrence, but to the few that stop in for a break from the harsh desert winds find a odd but lovable community here.


Kuman Humans are typically dark-skinned and dark-haired with eye colours ranging from brown to green to even orange for those with a lineage that may have mixed with a different species in the past. They have broad hands and shoulders and are used to hard labour in the desert sun. Almost all Kuman Humans work in some kind of labouring job, be it scouring the wastes for magic crystals or building new structures.   Kuman Dogfolk are typically short-haired kinds that have migrated and made their home here. They specialise in hunting outside the borders for food and serving as the guards of the small village. They prove fiercely loyal to the humans here and show incredible distrust towards the visitors and infrequent traders.   Kuman Kitsune are a far cry from those that live in the forests of Acate, and are much smaller in size. Not many pure-blooded Kitsune reside in Kuma Town because of their disdain for other races, but those that are ostracised tend to come here as it is one of the only places in the desert with fresh, clean water. They are always blonde-haired, and those that mingle with humans are fair skinned and keep themselves indoors because of this.   Kuman Catfolk aren't very common, but they have longer ears and tails and typically stay indoors due to their thicker fur. Most of the catfolk residents run stores, and they're passionate barterers. They can see defects and imperfections in items more acutely than most humans due to their amazing eyes.   There is roughly a 5:3:2:1 ratio in Kuma Town. (Human:Dogfolk:Kitsune:Catfolk)


The town is ruled by its Elder, and Elders are chosen by the previous one through proving themselves through special hidden requirements. Elders' Elders-to-be are called Shamans, and they take care of the inhabitants. There is usually only one Elder and one Shaman, and Shamans are typically the children of the Elder in power.   Elders create the laws of the village and add it to a very old tome that has all the laws that were created before them. They try not to over step the boundaries set by past Elders unless they feel it is to better Kuma Town in the long run. They aren't very progressive by nature and prefer things to stay roughly the same as it has been, because their ancestors knew things they didn't, they think, or simply because "don't fix what isn't broken".   Taxes are light and loose on those who live in Kuma Town, and heavy on visitors. Shamans collect a yearly tax and on occasion enforce taxes on visitors if they're causing a ruckus.   Shamans are important to the town, as they not only take care of the Elder as they age, but also tend to the wounded and sick as well as teach others about first aid. They help deliver messages, run water to residents, and inspect artefacts and magical items. Any found artefact is run by the Shaman first, then put into storage or brought to the Elder for further examination.


A large wall made out a special conglomeration of stone and sand surrounds most of the village and protects them from harsh winds and deters any desert predators from entering. Guards are posted on the entrances, on the walls, and around the main road of shops to protect the shopkeeps that keep the town alive.


Shops and stalls line the main roads around the town, mostly dealing in adventurer gear as those that travel with the caravan might need to replenish their stock. Food stalls and restaurants tending to visitors, magic crystal refineries and wand-part sales, as well as tchotchke shops featuring birds and desert items aren't uncommon, either.


The town is built around an oasis in the middle of a moderately sized desert. The water here is pure, and due to the large, raw, magical crystals within, they purify ailments in the bodies of those who drink it. They also have a storage of some broken pre-Age equipment that they keep under strict lock and key.   The desert they reside in is rich with magical crystals and is a hot spot for sand sifters.
Alternative Name(s)
Kuma, Town in the Wastes, Hosinia
Inhabitant Demonym
Kuman; Hosinian

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