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The Awakening Trials

As a ritual passed down in time, the Awakening Trials are performed to initiate youths on their road towards their chosen or otherwise assigned careers. The trials are a combination of aptitude testing and a test of will. The results are then screened against the participant's choice of careers, and they are either admitted into a program of their desired career or assigned by the overseers.   Ultimately, the trials promote individuality and encourages youths to embrace themselves.


The Awakening Trials take place in the Vault below Sanctuary.   Participants are given no tools, only a set of directions. They will first clear a written aptitude test, followed by an interview with an overseer from the Academy. Participants will then enter a room containing the artefact the Cradle of Dreams. Once the Cradle of Dreams activates, participants will be brought into a dream world. Each participant experiences a different dream world that is generated based on their soul space. The experiences of each participant are transmitted through magical means to the overseers. The overseers responsible for the trials will then sort through the results and notifications regarding said results will be announced in private to each participant by the end of the trials.

Components and tools

Artefact: The Cradle of Dreams


All youths at the Human equivalent age of 16.


The trials start on the night of the first full-moon after January 1st of every year and lasts for three days.

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