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Snow powder

Snow powder, is a dark powder that when ignited by a heat source, will combust aggressively and release a smoky gas. First discovered in a cave nearby Western City, it has since then been adopted for use by the commercial sector, albeit a modified version, and the military.


Its trade restricted by the government for safety purposes, Snow Powder is used in both for commercial and military purposes. A modified form of Snow Powder is used for firework production and smoke signalling that is commercially available. However, recently its use has been extended to weaponry in the form of flintlocks and demolitions.


Charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter are mixed at a rough ratio of 3:1:1

Snow powder was discovered by accident when miners of Western City dropped a torch down a newly discovered pit only to be thrown back by a shockwave followed by an explosive fireball.   After a long period of explosive accidents and testing, the ingenious minds of Western City perfected the recipe for Snow Powder that was not volatile nor reactive under ambient conditions.

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