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Holy land


Following east, toward the Teften continent, crossing the Great Glycon sea, their is a great island named by the humans, the Holy land. A place located past the Teften golf. At the center of the holy land, lies the Reflecting Lake. South of the lake, between the islands mouth and the Halic river, extends the south Fetlan forest.To the north, between the mouth and the Palic river, extends the north Fetlan forest. To the east, between the Palic and the Halic river lies the Hunting forest. To the west, you can find the mouth of the island where the tongue of the island, a piece of land fill with forest. Going east, past the Hunting forest, lies the Alic mountain range spreading north were the Angrat volcano lies.

Fauna & Flora

The Holy land is home to many types of trees and plants. Among the trees, one can find: alder tree, ash tree, aspen tree, arbor-vitae tree, arlic tree, beech tree, birch tree, cedar tree, cherry trees, cottonwood tree, cypress tree, dogwood, elm tree, hickory tree, holly tree, magnolia tree, maple tree, oak tree, pine tree, sweetgum tree, sycamore tree, wallnut tree, willow tree, yew tree; and many unknown trees with out a name waiting to be found and named just like the arlic tree. Among the plants, such as palms, shrubs, herves and flowers, one can find many kind. Such as: andromeda, angel's trumpet, beautyberry, banana shrub, bay laurel, bluebeard, bridal wreath cabbage calm, dwarf palmetto, mazari palm, needle palm, pindo palm, sago palm, windmill palm, etc. Although this is just a small list of the amount of plants found many still donĀ“t have a name.   Just like the plants the Holy land is also home to many animals. from birds as small as ones own palm to boars as big as house. the holy land has mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds ad fishes. although many of them have yet to been encounter and added to the Arlic hunter guide, the common ones are the brown boar and red lince.   The holy land is a place where in the summer temperatures reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius, and the winters can go as low as -30 degrees Celsius. on the other side, on the cost lines and the mountains the temperature deffer from. On the cost lines on the south the summer has temperatures of 30-40 degrees Celsius and on winter it goes as low as -20 in the coldest night. but on the north cost the temperature goes from 25 to 30 on the summer to -25 to -35 on winter. As for in the mountains temperatures goes up to 25 in the hottest days of summer to -45 in the coldest days of winter.

Natural Resources

The holy land is rich in resources from animals and beast that provides meat and leather. The mountain is home to the porphyry mine where you can find copper, lead silver and gold as well as many rocks and minerals. The forests are filled with herves use for cooking and medicine, and flex plants use to make clothing. And the different types of trees use for building and crafting. But the land is still to un explored to know all the resources one can fin here.

Alternative Name(s)
The Arlic isle
Location under
Teften main land
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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