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The 10 main families have a large house almost surrounding the town. Does that don't belong to their respective main families live surrounding the town plaza and market.


A town run by the laws of the church of Bartoo, and the consulate of the 10 main families. The head of the church of Bartoo also acts as the mediator between the 10 main families. The guardians keep the settlement safe from outside treats as while as order in town. While the hunter prey on the animals and creatures living on the lands.


Since the lands are filled with beasts the whole town has a wall to separate the town and the forest. Keeping all outside creatures from attacking or causing chaos in the town.


Each of the 10 main families is in charge of a sect in the industry or group. The Stark house, owners of the fishing ships, are uncharge of providing fish and other products that can be found on the reflecting moon lake. The Richards house, are in charge of building and maintaining the town. The Crownwell house, are a house of tailors, the own some of the farms to produce their fabrics. The Salas house, are the blacksmiths of town and also the ones developing the mines at Racko. The Bortons house, are a family of doctors, they own the only clinic in both Arlic and Racko. The McClous House, are de producers of most food, they own food producing farm the inn, bar and restaurant in Arlic. They only trade with Racko a mining town located near the Palic river on the Alic mountain. A town that produces minerals such as iron, silver, gold among other minerals. the


The most important building is the temple of Bartoo, located at the end of town in a small cliff facing the lake. The town hall is located at the center of town, looking at the alric tree, a great white oak like tree with purple lives. At the edge of the lake you can find the port and shipyard. At the entrance of town you can find the hunters and guardians settlements. Beside the Halic river you can find the Academy.

Guilds and Factions

Arlic has 3 groups task with defending and caring for the town and its people. the 3 groups are: the Hunters, the Guardians and the Keepers.

  • the Hunters, originally formed between the Alistar & the Bellmonte Houses. Task on bringing meat,leather and any usual resources that can be found in the hunting forest.
  • the Guardian, originally formed only by the Pentho house. Task with mending the wall and protecting the town form outside treats.
  • the Keepers, originally formed by the Luthor house & and a part of the Guardians. But after the a group of linece enter the town, they separate from the Guardian task to petrol the town.


This town was founded by the 10 great families. It is located where the 10 great families first arrived at. Trough out the years the town of Arlic has face 2 major crisis which almost destroyed the whole town. This was cause by raids made by creatures from the forest.


Every building in town is build out of wood except for the temple, which is the biggest structure in town and is made out of stone. Stone brought from Racko, a mining town located at the the Alic mountains near the Palic river.


At the center of the holy land, lies the Reflecting moon lake, here lies the town of Arlic between the Palic and Halic river. South of the lake, between the islands mouth and the Halic river, extends the "forest name south".To the north, between the mouth and the Palic river, extends the "forest name north". To the east, between the Palic and the Halic river lies the Hunting forest. To the west, you can find the mouth of the island where the tongue of the island, a piece of land fill with forest. Going east, past the Hunting forest, lies the Alic mountain range spreading north were the a great volcano lies.

Natural Resources

The holy land, place where the city of Arlic is located, is rich in resources from animals and beast that provides meat and leather. The forests are filled with herves use for cooking and medicine, and flex plants use to make clothing. And the different types of trees use for building and crafting. But the land is still to un explored to know all the resources one can find here.

Alternative Name(s)
The Holy city
Large city
440 houndred
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Holy land
Owning Organization

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