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On the world of Aarde, between the Great Glycon sea in the west and the Chaotic sea of Stobeck, lies the continent of Teften. A place ruled by a species known as the Children os Cerken, the Teflings, Or so it was. Everything changed after the arrival of a single species called humans. Now the continent has been divided, on one side we have the humans, and on the other side we have the Teflings, Nygaloths, Erinyes, Demodands, Spineds, Imps and their subspecies. And so for the past 500 years the Teften continent has not known peace.

Running north through the continent of Teften, you reach the frozen seas of Karkat, where you can find the frozen land of Karrten. A place so cold, that even your bone can freeze in a matter of seconds. A place where life can't be seen or found, that is only on the surface. For below the frozen lands great icy caves and tunnels spread out. Giving a home to wild life and races alike.  Such is the land of Karrten.   Sailing west across the Great Glycon sea, crossing the Mad sea of Lumeria, there lies the biggest continent of Aarde, the Great continent of Everlynten. A place ruled by many and yet by none. Home to the Elfs, Dwarfs, Beastfolk, Gnomes, halflings, Fairys and all their subspecies.