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For the Wolfborn, the wolf represents the ultimate embodiment of power in both body and spirit. The first Wolfborn inherited the wolf's mighty strength and keen instincts, becoming apex hunters and warriors. So, the wolf's attributes echo through all Wolfborn bloodlines as the source of their authority.   When Wolfborn channels their inner wolf during hunts and combat, they draw on that primal power passed down from their lupine ancestors. Their heightened senses, reflexes, and pack coordination reflect the wolf's formidable qualities. Wolfborn victories over enemies demonstrate the supernal power still singing within their veins.   The wolf also symbolizes the Wolfborn's power of transformation. Like their shapeshifting forebears Asha and Kael, all Wolfborn hold the spirit of the wolf inside them, giving them access to feral power unmatched by other races. By calling on their lupine totems in times of need, they can summon the wolf's ferocity and freedom.   Lone wolves wandering the nightlands beyond society represent the ultimate strength of independence and self-reliance. They answer only to themselves and the moon's guidance. For the Wolfborn, the lone wolf epitomizes the authority of their inner nature apart from any human constraints.   When a Wolfborn unlocks their full potential, the wolf within rises as an alpha, establishing dominance and claiming power over destiny itself. The wolf is the conduit to their inherited might and strength of will passed down by the ancient pact between wolf and Wolfborn forged long ago.   So, the wolf remains the Wolfborn's eternal icon of power - over enemies, terrain, society, and the self. Its coiled energy in body and spirit serves as their inspiration to govern their own lives, protect their pack, and master the wilderness within and without. By honoring their kinship with the supreme wolf, the Wolfborn safeguard their power.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Wolf packs are well-organized family units with a clearly defined social hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy are the alpha male and female wolves, the dominant breeding pair that leads the entire pack. Below the alpha wolves are the beta wolves, subordinate adults that assist with raising young, hunting, and territorial defense. At the bottom of the hierarchy are the omega wolves, which have the lowest status in the pack and can be excluded or bullied by higher-ranking wolves.   The average wolf pack consists of 5-12 wolves but can range from as few as 2 wolves or as many as 20+ wolves depending on food availability. Packs function as highly coordinated family groups in which most members are related to each other. Younger wolves typically remain with their natal pack for life after being raised and trained by the entire pack. Through actions like grooming, playing, and displays of submission and dominance, wolves communicate their social status and reinforce bonds within the pack hierarchy. This hierarchical social structure helps wolf packs work together to carry out essential tasks like hunting large prey, raising pups, and defending territory, giving them an advantage over lone wolves.
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Scientific Name
Canis lupus
6-8 years
Average Height
Adult males average about 26-32 inches tall at the shoulder while adult females average around 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder.
Average Weight
85-95 lbs.
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