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The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a beloved annual tradition celebrated at midsummer when citizens come together through art and light. In the weeks leading up to the festival, artisans hold lantern-making workshops using materials like paper and fabric. People of all ages craft lanterns either individually or in teams, making them in all shapes, sizes, and colors that reflect their creativity.   When the festival finally arrives, people gather at sundown to put their lantern-making skills on display. Lanterns of all kinds are lit up and exhibited along riversides, in public gardens, temple courtyards, and town squares, illuminating these spaces with captivating splashes of multicolored light. The festival officially kicks off with a lively procession through the streets, where dancers, musicians, and other performers carry elaborate handmade lanterns, some with spinning parts or puffs of smoke, putting their artistry in motion for all to admire.   Throughout the evening, the glow of red, yellow, green, purple, and other colored lanterns reflects the hard work and vision that went into crafting them. The lanterns symbolize hope and light within the community. People stroll from one lantern display to the next, admiring how their neighbors expressed their creativity. Food stalls, plays, music, games, and storytelling provide entertainment throughout the luminous night.   The signature finale comes when citizens set alight intricately painted lanterns and float them on lakes and rivers, mesmerizing spectators as the waters fill with countless points of colorful light. The Lantern Festival is a cherished summer tradition that allows people to come together through art, light up the night, and share their creativity.  


The Lantern Festival arose from a legend dating back hundreds of years when the kingdom was besieged by dark creatures plaguing the nights. Villagers lived in fear once the sun went down and the shadows grew long. One summer, when the nightly attacks reached their peak, a man named Lan decided he had to act. He gathered the villagers and proposed they fight back using the power of light.   He instructed them to craft paper lanterns of all colors and sizes. The villagers worked tirelessly folding paper and making wooden frames. On the longest night of the year, they gathered by the river just as the creatures were preparing to attack. But as they lifted their illuminated lanterns, the dark creatures shrank back, repelled by the bright hues spreading along the riverbanks. The villagers paraded with their lanterns through the streets, no longer afraid.   Word of the lantern victory spread to other towns. The tradition of a midsummer Lantern Festival was born, when people would come together to craft lanterns that dispel darkness and radiate hope. They place lanterns on the water to honor Lan's brave plan. Centuries later, the festival continues as a celebration of creativity and community during the peak of summer, when nights are the shortest. Just as Lan taught them long ago, the lights keep the shadow creatures away and ensure the future remains bright.
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Procession to begin the festival  
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Lanterns for Lan
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Pathway leading to a temple  
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Villagers walking to the river


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