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The Celestial Lights

The Celestial Lights are a dazzling light show that occurs in the night sky once every seven years. They only happen under precise cosmic conditions - when the winter solstice aligns with high solar activity and the passing of a particular comet. In the months leading up to the anticipated event, Star Oracle closely monitors the sunspot cycles and comet's movements, making projections about visibility. As the rare alignment draws nearer, excitement spreads across the land.   On the winter solstice of the fated year, the entire kingdom prepares all day for nightfall. As soon as the sun dips below the horizon, people eagerly ascend to rooftops, climb hills, and gather in open fields with blankets. When true darkness falls, a hushed anticipation settles. Then suddenly, a burst of purple splashes across the inky canvas overhead, unfolding into shimmering ripples and waves. Emerald-green hues then twist and coil through the galactic sea.   The colors continue to transform - from sapphire blue to aquamarine to glittering lavender. Translucent forms seem to dance through the moonlit skies. The Celestial Lights last several hours, giving a spectacle never glimpsed before. When they finally dissipate, people sit in awe, etched with the magic. The Celestial Lights will create wondrous memories to retell until their astrological return seven winters later.   According to ancient folklore, the Celestial Lights are a sign of great fortune and mark the beginning of a period of renewal. A dazzling tapestry of color and light blankets the darkest night, bringing wonder and joy after the cold darkness of winter. The lights are thought to be the spirits of ancestors visiting to renew the land.   It is said that in the cold, barren winter, the living and dead realms grow closer. The souls of those who came before briefly return as flashes of light to spread their wisdom, blessings, and energy to future generations. The vibrant hues correspond to each ancestor - the deep purple represents elders, the blue being fathers, the green as mothers, and the golden wisps for children. As the colors dance overhead, they renew the people's spirit and land below to prepare for the seasons ahead. At dawn, it is believed the ancestor spirits' work is done and they return to their realm until the next appearance of the Celestial Lights.
by Midjourney
by Midjourney


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