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Proclamation of the Founding of Calembar and the Unification of the Eight Clans

Hearken, O noble and diverse people of Calembar,   Today, amidst the golden dawn of a new era, I, William Robb, the founder of this illustrious realm, stand humbly before you to declare the birth of our glorious Kingdom of Calembar. It is a day that shall echo in the corridors of time, for it not only marks the establishment of our united domain but also signifies the culmination of the harmony and union of the Eight Clans that have long graced this land.   Let the banners of jubilation be raised high, for it is through the ancient ties of kinship and a shared destiny that the Eight Clans have come together to forge an unbreakable bond of brotherhood. This union shall be the cornerstone of our strength and prosperity as a united people.   Article I: Unity of the Eight Clans
I, William Robb, hereby recognize the Eight Clans of Calembar: Clan of Robb, Clan of Eldorin, Clan of Ainsworth, Clan of Thundertide, Clan of Blackwood, Clan of Silverwing, Clan of Stonehelm, and Clan of Emberheart. Each Clan shall be represented by an esteemed elder, carrying the wisdom and voice of their respective lineages.   Article II: The Reign of the Clan of Robb
In accordance with the spirit of unity and the collective will of the Eight Clans, the Clan of Robb shall hold the mantle of rulership over the Kingdom of Calember. As the founder of this realm, I shall humbly take on the sacred duty of the first sovereign ruler, endeavoring to govern with fairness, wisdom, and compassion.   Article III: Equality and Inclusion
Let it be known that each Clan, irrespective of their size or historical significance, shall be treated with utmost respect and equality. Together, we shall celebrate the diversity of our people, honoring the customs, traditions, and beliefs that define each Clan.   Article IV: The Council of Elders
The Council of Elders shall be formed, comprising the representatives of the Eight Clans. This council shall act as an advisory body, aiding in matters of governance and ensuring that the voices of all Clans are heard.   Article V: Peace and Collaboration
The Kingdom of Calembar shall be a beacon of peace and cooperation. Together, we shall stand united against external threats and embrace diplomacy as the means to resolve differences with other realms.   Article VI: Prosperity and Progress
With the combined strength and talents of our people, we shall strive for prosperity and progress. Education, innovation, and trade shall be our allies in fostering growth and ensuring the well-being of every citizen.   Let this proclamation be known far and wide, that all may bear witness to the dawn of Calembar's greatness. As we unite the Eight Clans under the banner of our Kingdom, let us cherish our shared heritage, history, and aspirations. Together, we shall build a realm that stands as a testament to the power of unity and the wisdom of collective endeavor.   May the blessings of the ancestors guide us on this noble journey, and may the spirit of kinship and cooperation forever illuminate our path.   Long live the Kingdom of Calembar!   Signed,   William Robb
Founder and First Sovereign Ruler of Calembar
by Midjourney
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
25th of Flowerbloom 587
Ratification Date
25th of Flowerbloom 587
Signatories (Characters)


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