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Ormsbury (Ormz-ber-ee)

The small village of Ormsbury was nestled on a remote island located 30 miles off the coast of the kingdom of Calembar. Surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Calembar Sea, Ormsbury made its living from fishing the plentiful stocks of exotic fish that swam in the nutrient-rich waters around the island.   The villagers of Ormsbury were hardy folk, accustomed to life on the sea. Every day, the fishermen would sail out in their weather-beaten boats before dawn. They would spend the day hauling nets filled with colorful tropical fish like the purple-striped beltfish and the glowing moon jellyfish. When they returned in the evening, the fish would be brought to shore and prepared by the town's fishmongers to be exported to the markets on the mainland.   Fish were the lifeblood of Ormsbury. Almost everyone in the village worked in some capacity in the fishing trade. The town’s inns and taverns were always filled with fishermen, fishmongers, and sailors, exchanging tales of life on the seas while drinking ale and eating the freshest seafood stew.   Despite the remoteness of the village, exotic spices and ingredients from across the known world made their way to Ormsbury along with special orders placed by nobles on the mainland for rare delicacies like smoked eel and salt-crusted prawns. Though isolated on their island, the villagers took pride in their reputation for having the finest and most unique fish in the kingdom.   Ormsbury's fleets of fishing boats, laden with a bounty of colorful ocean fish, would make the 30-mile voyage across sometimes treacherous seas to bring their special catches to the markets in Calembar's capital and other coastal towns. Though the journey was long, it was one the skilled seafarers of Ormsbury were accustomed to. They embraced their role providing exotic new flavors and ingredients to the tables of the mainlanders who prized the output of their remote but hardworking fishing village.


The fishing village of Ormsbury was founded in the early 12th century by a seafaring merchant named Orm Erickson. Originally from the mainland kingdom of Calembar, Orm discovered an untapped bounty of exotic fish around the remote island.   Upon returning to Calembar, Orm regaled the royal court with tales of the abundant beltfish, moon jellyfish, and other marine life he encountered. He persuaded Chief Alpha Stephen to grant him exclusive fishing rights around the island.   In 1103 PWR, Orm led an expedition of fishermen and their families to establish a permanent settlement on the island located 30 miles offshore. While the island lacked fresh water and fertile soil, Orm's settlers were able to provide for themselves through the plentiful seafood.   The fledgling village was named Ormsbury in honor of its founder. Orm taught the villagers techniques for sailing, netting, curing and transporting fish. Under his leadership, Ormsbury thrived and became renowned as the source of the kingdom's most exotic catches.   When Orm passed away in 1120 PWR, the village continued to honor his legacy as an intrepid mariner who saw opportunity in the island's untouched waters. Succeeding generations of Ormsbury fishermen have carried on the trade and independent spirit of their village's earliest settlers under founder Orm Erickson.
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Map of Ormsbury    
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Glowing Moon Jellyfish
Founding Date
1103 PWR
Inhabitant Demonym
Ormsbury folk


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