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Market Caravan (MAA-kit KA-ruh-van)

The market caravans that arrived at the gates of Harkerk in Thorongard were a sight to behold. Some had journeyed for over 600 miles to reach the bustling central market, coming from villages and towns far to the east and west.   The caravans varied in size but could consist of 20-30 traders, each with their own wagon, horses or oxen, and goods to sell. The wagons were typically wooden with arched canvas coverings painted in vibrant colors, but others were just wagons loaded down with goods. The wheels would creak and groan as they turned on the long journey.   At the front of the caravan, the lead wagon flew a bright flag announcing the group's origins. The wagons traveled two to three abreast on the wider roads. Drivers yelled at the oxen, urging them onward. Guards armed with swords and axes helped fend off any bandits looking to prey on the caravan.   Within the wagons, merchants would stash their wares carefully to prevent damage during the bumpy ride. Sacks of grain and flour, bundles of wool and fabrics, wheels of cheese, kegs of ale, clay pots of oil, and chests of tools. The traders brought a bit of everything to sell at the market.   The travelers moved slowly in their convoys, covering 10-15 miles on a good day on the dusty roads. At night, the caravans circled up and campfires flickered as traders took turns keeping watch. Laughter and songs would fill the air too, as camaraderie developed over the weeks-long journey.   When the caravan finally arrived at Harkerk, traders eagerly set up stalls and unloaded their wares in the massive market square. They hawked their goods to the streams of shoppers, exchanging coins and goods under the watchful eye of the city guards.   After several days of trading, the now empty wagons were loaded up with new inventory - exotic spices, bolts of colorful cloth, instruments, and anything else not readily available in their home regions. Thus stocked up, the caravans began the long return journeys to far-flung corners of the realm, ready to sell their newfound goods from the amazing market of Harkerk.   The organization and endurance of the caravans allowed goods to flow hundreds of miles. For the merchants, the rewards of selling their wares at Harkerk's market made the long, difficult journey worthwhile.
by Midjourney
by Midjourney
Market at Harkerk


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