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A Dark New World

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In the near future, Earth is near collapse. Humanity in it's hubris has fractured into major powers and spread throughout the Solar System, and starting to colonise the closest star systems. Regions are are divided into political factions, and even the smallest of nations are dominated by the strongest relations. Some are controlled by Mega Corporations, some by corrupt political systems, and others by zealots (whether political, religious, or by the use of science). Science itself has evolved and many wars are fought on Earth or even in deep space over these as much as over resources.   The one thing that drives humanity even more is the need for resources, living space, and the need to expand from the dying Earth. The latter is ruined. Atomics have been used to decimate some of the cities & smaller nations, and rampant deforestation has caused further problems. Ecosystems are further put under pressure due to unchecked climate change. The waterways and stretches of arable land have be polluted beyond use, and mutation runs rampant in some areas. Many creatures once thought of as fictional has started to appear, whether through biological manipulation, the use of WMDs or chemicals, or by the effects of space travel & the basic human stock mutating to suit new planetary environments.   Many opportunities exist, either by exploring the ruins of old Earth & in space, by working for the more powerful factions, by hiding in the mass of the average citizens, or by rebelling against the status quo. Other than that, what ever the individual does, is will they survive?