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Motivation and goals

The Void Between has a romanticism I don't see much in science fiction, forgoing the sterile, more modern aesthetic that sci-fi tends to have. Ships have more than just metal corridors and grated floors. The crew lives here. They decorate it accordingly, painting the decks and walls with art on their long journeys. This is the foundation of a ship's culture.   The Void Between is where I want to try out some experimental approaches to my world-building. Articles are more interactive, allowing for readers to directly speak with the narrator given the proper phrases, and some articles will feature recordings. Story lines and events are planned to be hidden, either by requiring the search bar, or behind passwords, trigger words, and special commands.   Like anyone, I'd love to somehow reach a level of success. I'd love to make a living off of a serialized podcast as it reveals the story and world, but that may not be realistic. In reality, it's all in good fun. I have little experience in science fiction and I'm enjoying the challenge. Furthermore, I don't see many people toying with audio in this way, even on World Anvil, and I find the medium to be full of potential in world-building and storytelling.      

Themes and Reader Expirience

I want those who experience The Void Between to feel what many characters in the stories feel. There is wonder, but also dread. The universe is a scary place. It can make one feel small, but it's beautiful too. Couple this with the fact that humanity is at the bottom of the totem pole, and the experience grows. These characters are human, and that alone is a handicap in this galaxy.   Humanity makes small strides, but they are stepping stones compared to the miles some species take in a single step. Our technology is bound by our science, for the most part, but other species can possess technology we can't even fathom. Human technology is often low tech disguised as high tech. Humanity doesn't have much going for it. This, coupled with the ever-present mystery of Earth's destruction, gives the setting a darker tone. The characters aren't important, and are forced to find their own way in a universe indifferent to their existence. They are not making a name for themselves, nor are they seeking respect from other species. They are simply there.   This makes every hurdle a major struggle. The slightest problem is an uphill battle, but it isn't about the cosmic horror of reality. With how difficult things are, the smallest accomplishments are twice as rewarding. This is a world about getting by. There is hope, it's merely hidden. It appears in the only way it can, given such a horrible scenario. Humanity in The Void Between is the equivalent of an entire species living from paycheck to paycheck. It's all about getting by.

Inspirations and Design



The art direction of The Void Between is meant to symbolize the themes. The universe is dark, yet beautiful. The color scheme used is deliberately chosen to be more calming and reassuring. The Art of Grandfailure on Adobe Stock is featured quite a bit. I love the aesthetic, and it blows my mind how they always have an image that fits what I need.


Video games like No Man's Sky, Mass Effect, and Destiny are all inspirational to the setting. The Expanse and Dune have their moments as well. Even Titan A.E. (Does anyone even remember that? Have fun rewatching! ) had an impact while developing this world.


Soundtracks from No Nan's Sky, and several other inspirations behind the setting, are perfect for this setting, and I listen to them often when writing and outlining. As said before, Bring Me The Horizon's "In The Dark" is what I would choose for a theme song to the setting. I'm a dork, and while driving I often ponder what a trailer would look like with a particular song in the background. In this case, it's the reverse. This song is literally where the setting came from.

The Podcast

Now that I have material to work with, I can turn this clay to bricks. I'd love to hear your feedback on this, as well. The Void Between will be an episodic story, every "season" focusing on a specific character, or set of characters. These stories will be highlighted by The Archivist, adapting the world building articles into scripts to provide context to the world, along with his hint of sass. The first set of stories will follow The Archivist and Caydie Meridith Kines, whom some of you might be familiar with by now.
I'm excited to see where it goes. My wife loves Caydie as a character, and every recording is getting better over time. As a little announcement, the first episode is planned to release on the 31st to end this HORRIBLE year with a suitable bang. Is anyone out there as excited as we are?

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20 Dec, 2020 15:14

A podcast, hell yes!! I really hope the project develops well, this would be amazing and even though the first episode isn't up yet I already know I'll probably be a huge fan :')

Author of Interarcanum.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
20 Dec, 2020 18:59

I hope it lives up to expectations. Were pretty excited ourselves. Thanns so much!

20 Dec, 2020 18:34

How dare you insult Dimitris with such a blatant "I'm too good for your world meta." Hmm. Now I have no idea how to represent that I was using sarcasm, so, uhhh,,, SARCASM.   Either way, this is a nice smaller article for readers to get a bit more of an insight into your thought process on the world. I'm excited to see what you managed with your podcast! Presumably, you have that male/female split so you can read the Archivist while she'll read Caydie? And it'll likely be framed like your articles where the Archivist is the primary narrating voice? Either way, super excited to continue on with this journey.

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
20 Dec, 2020 19:03

Lol sarcasm understood. I decided to do it this way since I honestly never struggled with some of the elements the meta covers, cant answer certain questions without spoiling things XD   That is correct. She plays Caydie and I play the archivist, and the episodes will follow the same story the articles hint at, and in an easier to understand order.

20 Dec, 2020 21:58

If a podcast came out, I would definitely listen to it. Iv'e loved reading so far and can only seeing it get better and better from here.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
21 Dec, 2020 00:03

Ooooo a podcast! I would so listen!

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21 Dec, 2020 18:04

Oh, hey , I just left a comment on autumn about this whole thing becoming a game and here you are saying you want it to be an interactive experience. nice.   I remember Titan AE! fun movie!   I also like imagining trailers set to particular songs, mostly my own stuff.   Also, I am STOKED for the 31st now!   I'm flabbergasted by the fact that everything you describe as your goals for this world has been done perfectly, at least, from my perspective. How did you do it? I'm lucky if I can get a coherent plot, let alone one with all the same themes as the one in my brain...

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Dec, 2020 19:14

Yessss every world I have has a trailor song. Alot of fiction I put in articles comes from the flash of images lol it's a useful little tool.   I'm so glad you're excited. We are too. I'm hoping it meets expectations!   I'm so happy to hear it's working! That means alot. To be honest, half of it is flying by the seat of my pants but thankfully, I wrote this very early on. Sometimes just writing it out helps keep things in line. Having a great group of people like yourself to push me forward has helped immensely as well. If something works, it shows. That's the other half of doing it: planning which is the exact opposite of the first XD When planning for worldember, I took the feedback from other articles. The emotional moments, the deviation from tripes, and the fact that its relatability to our current lives while also being an escape and offering that optimism seem to be major contributors to its appeal. I took that and ran with it. It also helps that I still havnt landed a job. So I have nothing but time. I pay bills as a driver doing deliveries for postmates and doordash. That's where the podcast idea came from. Lol it helps pass the time. Idk how serious the question of how I do it is, but there you go lol     Tldr: wing it and when something sticks, plan around it.

21 Dec, 2020 18:23

Oh, and one last theory on the fate of earth; this one's a doozy.   What if earth became Heaven? It sounds really odd saying it like that, but here's my thought process;   "we broke into heaven" would imply Humanity found something great; some new technology, power, or level of ascension before they were meant to; Whatever it was, perhaps humanity had not matured enough to use it wisely, therefore they elected to leave all traces of it back on earth, leaving in generational ships in hopes that, by the time anyone was able to find their way back, they will have matured enough to see why the leaving was necessary. Humanity is a weak race in the overall community because they were 'nerfed' for their own good.   Hence, Earth is now humanity's final destination whereupon, if they find it, they will achieve Ascension into the ranks of the galactic community or beyond. Hence, Earth is now Heaven.   So if we are continuing our assumption that the Origin Exiles are at least partially the bad guys, they would be the ones who believe humanity should stay out of Heaven for the foreseeable future. Then is the recording they gave the Archivist a deception, or a demonstration of the awful state of those who ascend before their time?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
21 Dec, 2020 19:24

Ooooo so idk if you've read the comments but, changeling had a great idea. They plan on writing a little sliver of fiction in character depicted their theory. If you wanted to, I'd be honored if you'd like to do so. I plan on taking those theories and featuring them on the homepage as actual quotes with credits to the authors and this theory is beautiful and is one of my favorites thus far. I loved this idea. It's such an out of the box idea on the subject!

21 Dec, 2020 23:37

Weeeell, when I read your work, I usually feel like this was all over me:   And this probably makes me want to read more of the stuff. A mixture of mystery, dread and beauty.

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
22 Dec, 2020 16:26

First off, thank you for reminding me of this! I loved this when it popped up in the show. Oof. Thank you very much for th e praise as well. I hope I meet expectations.

22 Dec, 2020 12:40

Excited for the 31st! I love this project, and it was really interesting reading your thoughts behind it. <3

Sage Timepool
Garrett Lewis
28 Dec, 2020 01:40

Soundtracks from No Nan's Sky...
  Sorry but THIS TYPO IS HILARIOUS. Imagining NMS but grandmothers are inexplicably banned from it.   Anyway, I like reading meta stuff like this! AND I am 100% behind the podcast idea! Also gotta love that we've both got sci-fi worlds where humanity has fled to a new home, inspired in part by Destiny. Is it safe to assume the seasonal idea sprouted from there as well? It's a fun idea regardless.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
28 Dec, 2020 07:03

Nooooo grandma! That planet is dangerous! Lol thanks. I'll fix that. You mean the seasons for the podcast? That stems more from the amount of stories I wanna tell as well as the format of telling them, but now that u mention it, I can totally see that being an unintended inspiration. I'll go with yes. Destiny is a favorite for its lore alone. Someone really cared about that world building. Ooof. The books of sorrow.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Lewis
28 Dec, 2020 18:47

It's a shame the game itself is less than ideal, especially if you don't want to treat it like a second job. But yeah, books of sorrow are a great one— I wrote an entire article with heavy inspiration from them, even referred to it mentally as "my book of sorrow."

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
29 Dec, 2020 06:33

I am so excited for this podcast! I also have to say that as a fan of No Man's Sky I think the setting of The Void Between would be perfect for a video game. I'm looking forward to see what the future brings. :)

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7 Mar, 2021 23:30

Ooh, I never saw the point in world metas, but now I understand! A great description. I'm going to write world metas for all my worlds now! And I can't wait to see more of this amazing universe develop.

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
8 Mar, 2021 18:11

I was in the same boat for quite a while. After completing this one, though, it was more clear. lol I'm glad you enjoyed it. It has helped so much in keeping the articles in line with the main goal, something I couldn't say for my other worlds. It's a minor thing but definitely a plus. Ima need to take a gander at yours here. thanks for the kind words!

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