One more day

It's a long way to the top. The stairs wind up as far as the eye can see. Fray and I ascend in relative silence, broken only by the occasional giggle of a child from above.   I stop when a hole in the side the building, the window from my teenage years, catches my . The others pass and continue their ascent, but Fray remains close behind.   "What?" They ask.   I step forward and peer out, see the ground a thousand meters below, and quickly pull back. It's been so long since I really had time to feel, and now it's all piling up the moment I catch my breath. "I once had a mind to jump. It was years ago, but seeing it again is a little jarring."   They fidget in place, trying to hide how uncomfortable the situation is. "Why didn't you?"   "Honestly, I don't know. I wasn't done." I let out a sigh. "I had things to do like saving Mom, and finding Gibraltar. Then again, maybe I was too scared like everyone else."   "And now?"   I watch the shades of blue fade from the sky, the sun setting and passing the horizon. "I'm done," I reply. "I always thought I'd jump when my task was done. It kept me going."   Fray's silent for a moment, unsure of what to say. Finally they speak, "I understand."   I've been trying to avoid thinking about it, but it gnawed at you. It lingers, this will to meet death and be free from such a troublesome life. "Would I die if I jump?" I ask.   "Most definitely," they reply. "Our place in the loop has closed, I believe. Is that your plan?"   My voice shakes. "I don't know. Would you stop me?"   They laugh at this, an expected response. "Past experience has shown I have little power over what you do. You're stubborn like that."   "Are you making jokes?" I ask, almost offended.   "Not at all. I'm being honest."   I peer out the window again and sit with legs dangling over the side. Fray joins me, but with their legs firmly planted on the metal floor.   "Why am I like this?" I ask. I feel my eyes burn, the tears rising.   "Like what?"   "I'm tired of living. I'm sorry to say it but I am." I scoff before continuing, "I know that sounds crazy but I can't help it. I shouldn't think like that."   They shake their head. "You can't help how you feel, Amber. You're not crazy." They look out at the city, darkness settling across the skyline. "You hide it, pretend you don't feel the way you do. It doesn't change the fact that living is hard."   I laugh. "Living is hard." I repeat the words in mind, over and over again. How true that is. "You know, my dad once told me that humanity is a species that's always lived paycheck to paycheck. We've always walked a fine line between prosperity and extinction."   Fray nods. "I think the same can be said about most species. At least you're not alone." They chuckle and lean forward to catch my gaze. "You've made it this far."   "We have, haven't we." I speak walking a fine line of my own, the line between heavy greys and silver linings. "I wonder what I'll live for now."   Fray leans back against the wall. "Whatever you like. There's plenty to live for, I think. You may disagree."   "What do you live for?" I ask. "You mentioned wanting to die, too. What keeps you going?"   "You did, and still do." They reply with a smile.   I smile back. "I'm nothing special."   "To you, maybe. You mean quite a bit to me."   "Likewise," I reply. "I guess I can handle one more day."   "It would be unfair to ask for more." Fray stands and offer their hand to me. I take it without hesitation, embracing both the joy and agony of the sensation. "One day at a time, yes?"   I can't help but feel like the number of days I have left are dwindling, like sand in an hourglass. Still, I take a final look out the window before I reply. "I think that's more than fair."                     A lifetime later The blue sun casts its harsh light on a thriving city.   Fraeia stands before an erected stone. They read the words engraved on its face:   Amberlie "Pariah" Hurst   Beloved Daughter, Loving Mother, and dearest friend.   Her remains the savior and hero of Humanity.     For hours Fraeia stood alone, lost in their thoughts and planning what comes next. Before long came another, a Lebhan like themselves.   Fray greets them in their language, their voice shaking, "Ambassador Diavae."   Diavae nods, "I waited as long as I could, but we're running out of time."   Fraeia scoffs. "All we have is time."   "True. Whenever you're ready then."   Fray lets out a long full of air and drys the streaks of black tears on their face. "No point in waiting. My grieving has already been breached."   "Very well," Diavae began, "First is a meeting with my daughter. I understand you have a mission for her?"   "Yes, and then?"   "Argus will take you to Somnihein, the Rainbow Orchard. There you will ascend and take your new form, your new place in the pantheon."   Then the real work begins, Fray thinks. They try to remember every step along the way, the journey through time that happened a lifetime ago. "What if I make a mistake?"   "You can't. What happens will happen as it did before."   Fray takes a deep breath. "Let's get started then."   Before leaving, Fray lightly kisses their hand and places their hand on the stone. "Until we meet again."
A Long Time Ago, in The Distant Past
Invicta watches as something emerges from the ring, a writhing black mass of tendrils no bigger than her hand.   It beckons her closer, offers her a deal.   "What is this?" Invicta asks.   The reply hurts, the words scratching at her mind like nails on a chalkboard. "I can help you. I must help you."   "I don't understand, why did you call me here?"   In moments the temple, the black sky, everything fades to white. Invicta stands before a figure, an Eden with black hair and golden eyes.   "You look just like her," The Eden says.   "Who?"   "Amber. I forgot how much you look alike."   Invicta's eyes go wide. "Amber? How do you know about her? Is that why you called me here?"   The Eden nods. "Yes. You may call me Gibraltar. I am the goddess of love lost. I am here to help, should you accept it."   "Yes," Invicta shouts. "Please, I'll do anything."   "I know," the Eden replies. "You should know, however, that this will cost you much more than you think. It will cost years, your body, your mind. To accept you must die, but I assure you, you won't be dead for long."   "What?" Invicta asks.   The Eden ignores the question, and continues. "Your ship is earth tech, yes? I'll need its navigation systems to make this work. My people can't replicate the Safeharbor Protocols."   Invicta nods. "Done. What else."   "I'll need your loyalty, and your faith. Is there any faith left in you, I wonder?"   "If it means saving amber, I'm yours, body, mind, and soul."   "Very well," the Eden says.   "Why would you help me?" Invicta asks.   "Because she's worth it. Your daughter is everything, in more ways than one. You'll understand one day."   Invicta frowns. "I'm trusting you."   "As you should. Now hold still."   "Will it hurt?" Invicta asks.   The Eden's smile fades and they blink, as if pain hadn't even been considered. "Tremendously… for both of us."

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Author's Notes

It's a little abrupt and needs work but here it is, everyone. The story built over three seasons comes to a close! I hope it is a satisfying conclusion and I hope I didn't leave any loose ends. time travel is avoided for a reason.   Next I'll be gathering my bearings and putting together a nice roadmap, a state the worlds if you will for what to expect in the future. I'm hoping for this year to be a big one. Again, thank you all for the support. I could not have done this without you!

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May 11, 2022 19:23 by Bart Weergang
May 11, 2022 20:21

Congrats on finishing the story! It is a good story in a fantastic world! To be honest I did not expect Amber to get such a happy ending, even when she is just living day to day, but after the shitty journey she's had she definitely deserved the nice retirement with Fray!   I am looking forward to what your plans are for the future :)

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May 11, 2022 22:26 by Morgan Biscup

Okay that ending hit me hard. Tears.   Beautifully done.

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May 12, 2022 11:02

Possibly one of the best love stories I've ever read. That was truly beautiful, thank you! Looking forward to re-reading the whole thing, and to what comes next!

Jun 4, 2022 09:30 by Grace Gittel Lewis

You made me cry and then that last line gave me chills, holy hell my guy you did a great job with this. Everything tied back together in a nice little bow.   I've been suicidal every day for the past while, myself, the "just one more day" line, and the pretty dang huge implication that Amber kills herself someday hits very close to home.   God, and Fraeia being the goddess of love lost? Holy hell guy. Helluva bittersweet ending, here, and I am all for it— it's more relatable, this way.   Thank you for the perspective you brought to this, for the representation (seriously, it's actually really rad to see a non-binary core character here— even if the Eden are technically all women you did go they/them pretty much exclusively with Fraeia and I suspect there was a reason for that), and for the wild as hell ride that kept me up many late nights glued to my seat!   I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the best things I've ever read, you should be proud of what you made here! Time travel especially makes things difficult to tie up properly but you did it! That's huge! Well done, and best of luck for the future!

Jun 4, 2022 14:19 by R. Dylon Elder

While I'd never make light of it, and it pains me to see a friend going through such things, thank you. It is so satisfying to hear how relatable this is, and even noreso to know it was handled respectfully.   Like really, thank you. I really wanted to make sure the representation wasn't forced, and had real foundation in the world, not just for those who are non-binary but also for asexuality and mental health. There's a lot here to unpack and I'm glad I did it well.   I am very proud of it. It's probably my personal favorite of all my work, though it needs some polish. All the same thank so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the journey!

Jun 5, 2022 08:25 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I'm glad to have helped in some form!

Jun 22, 2022 23:42

I absolutely love this line ...  

The reply hurts, the words scratching at her mind like nails on a chalkboard. "I can help you. I must help you."

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Jun 23, 2022 16:03 by R. Dylon Elder

Thanks so much!

Jul 4, 2022 19:01 by Stormbril

Absolutely wonderful story, and huge congratulations for finishing it off in a triumphant manner :') It's so bittersweet in all the right ways, I loved this entire journey through and through. Very much looking forward to what else you have in store for us!

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