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Flint Skylocke

Leader of the Hounds of Chatau, Flint Hawkin is a man of fame and mystery.

His real name is Francis Hawkin, but when he and his squadron broke away from the Fleet to form the Hounds of Chatau, he decided to change his name to fit with his newfound piracy. ‘Flint’ comes from the old flintlock guns, and ‘Skylocke’ is in honour of his two best friends who died in action with the Cerberus Fleet - Niall Lockhart and Dennis Skye.


Short, scruffy blonde hair that is starting to go grey at the roots. Usually Flint will try and keep it slicked back so that it is at least out of his eyes, but without regular application of hair gel this becomes a bit of a chore. He also has a short, darker blonde beard that covers his jaw, chin, and a bit of his neck.

Flint’s entire right arm is a synphezide (lightweight metal) prosthetic. It was custom made (paid for by the Cerberus Fleet due to losing the arm in service) and so has a custom design of the Cerberus Ravager on the anterior forearm. He also has some dark red scarring around his right shoulder around the origin point of the wound.

His eyes are a very dark grey. So dark, in fact, that many people often mistake them for being completely black. His skin is very pale as a result of spending practically all of his time on spaceships.

//--- Incoming transmission ---//
//--- Transmission ID: CF-REC ---//

Hello Francis Hawkin.

This is an automatic reminder that you are due a check up appointment for your SPEC-A07 Full Arm Prosthetic. Please make an appointment as soon as possible. As the Cerberus Fleet has opted to pay in full for the prosthetic, please book your appointment via the Cerberus Fleet Services application.

If you do not book your check up appointment, you are liable for any damage your SPEC-A07 Full Arm Prosthetic sustains. Once you have booked and attended your check up appointment, all subsequent damage will be paid for in full by the Cerberus Fleet.

We hope to hear from you soon.


When it comes down to business, Flint has an amazing work ethic, although he comes across as being a strict asshole. Especially to the people he is directly in charge of, or to those that are unfamiliar with him. In reality, Flint is actually a bit of a goofball. This side only really comes out around his close friends and family.


Born on the Galavant Space Station in orbit above Nepit V. His parents, Leona and Roderick Hawkin, were both members of the Cerberus Fleet.

A military man through and through. As soon as he hit his 18th birthday, he immediately submitted his application to the Cerberus Fleet and, a mere day later, he was called in for basic training. His family history and the supportive attitude from his parents meant that he rose through the ranks quickly until he reached the rank of Lieutenant, to the point that some of the other privates who graduated with him called foul. The circumstances were admittedly a little strange; he became a Lieutenant in half the time it would normally take, but then again he had been training to join the military since he could walk and talk.

At 26 years old, Flint would participate in the ‘Junkrif Incident’, consequently losing his best friends and his own right arm before being offered a place among the Ravagers. Angry and bitter about the lack of consequences the Osiryx Federation would face for their part in the incident, Flint quickly became radicalised, even by Ravager standards, and would defect from the Fleet with his squadron in order to form the pirate group ‘the Hounds of Chatau’.

“Hey, you seen Skylocke lately?”

“He came in last week for a restock. Looked absolutely pissed. Why, you looking for him for something?”

“Yeah man, I’ve got some intel on those federation dogs that I figured he might be interested in. Any chance you could put me in touch?”

Year of Birth
6920 UGY 45 Years old
The Galaxy’s Best

Had Flint progressed further with the Cerberus Fleet, he may have found himself being promoted to the rank of General before he turned 30. Instead, he and his crew have become revered by Terrans who are outspoken in their hatred of the OF, and feared by the OF themselves. From his piracy years alone, he has more than 5000 murders to his name and 90% of them have been members of the OF. He is quick and efficient when carrying out his plans of attack and spares no mercy for those who align themselves with the OF. His crew were elites, just like he was, during their time with the Cerberus Fleet, so it is no wonder that both Terra Novus and the Osiryx Federation have struggled to arrest them.

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