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The Ivory Runner

A renowned cartographer-turned-pirate corvidan who sails the Asterean sea.

Marakra Martens (a.k.a. The Ivory Runner)

Marakra Martens is a vivacious corvidan pirate famous across the Asterean Sea for smuggling ivory and stealing from other seafaring gangs under the dark of night.  


Marakra was hatched and raised in icy cold region of Kuldar and was cared for most by her godparents who owned a shipbuilding company. She loved being around the shipyard and wanted to learn everything about the lands she could see from up in the crow's nest. She began learning her trade as a cartographer and went on many expeditions to hone her craft.

Ocean Life

She began to learn the secrets of the trade alongside her cartography and made private notes on the prices of ivory, who would buy in bulk, and where to source it from. During her time on shore Marakra practised her mainland cartography and mapped out trade routes, distributors, and caches.


On a long trip to Arklend, the crew spent extra time shore bound for the forge day celebrations. It was here that Marakra met the love of her life, Kerro, a feminine-presenting corvidan with a big passion for fishing.   Kerro accompanied her on many voyages before needing to return to Arklend to care for her elderly mother, so Marakra writes and visits as often as she can.


Marakra was frustrated at the poor profit that her family's business was making and her godparents wouldn't take her advice on how to gain more gold. Years of pleading and showing strategy examples were met with upturned beaks and rude remarks.   Marakra took fate in her own talons, took all of her life's work and notes, swayed a trusted crew with her plans - and stole a brand new ship.
Date of Birth
Dimday 12th Seedfall 532 3A
Year of Birth
532 MH 32 Years old
Kradar, Kuldar
Favourite Sport

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