Hardy folk hailing from the cold and war-ridden region of Kuldar.

Kuldaran folk are as tough as the eternal winters that cover their land. They have to be, as the ice-covered region of Kuldar has only a few habitable areas along the coastline that are warm enough to live in. Anywhere toward The Aurus and away from the Usurian Sea and is just snow, ice, and white bears.   These folk are great survivors and use their abilities to endure not only the harshest weather, but warfare, too. Since Seconday 2nd Fireturn 544 3A the Kuldaran people have been defending against invasions from the Melopian Commonwealth who want to capture Kuldar as a strategic territory from The Jolundrian Empire.  

Trade & Resources

They trade in fur and ivory with Ursur, and make longer journeys across the Asterian Sea to trade with Porosa and the isle of Gavon. In return, they buy materials that are harder to come by or produce such as wood, ores, crafted goods, and spices.   The Kuldaran diet is typically very fatty. They eat a lot of fish and will also hunt sea elephants for their rich blubber and valuable tusks.   They dress very warmly with many layers of wool, leather and thick furs. Enchanted garments are very sought after as they can provide a lot more warmth and still maintian mobility; fire gloves are a popular gift for Kuldaran folk, but everyone knows that ember socks are their favourite.
Notable Kuldarans
The Ivory Runner
Related Locations

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