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Gurita's Gripe

A horrifying lava formation in the Iji Islands that looks very much like a screaming child.

One of the popular tourist attractions of the Iji Islands is Gurita's Gripe - a natural lava formation that has hardened into a natural sculpture of black dukori that resembles a 20ft tall screaming child that seemingly failed to crawl away from a river of lava.  

A Molten Myth

The tale behind the landmark suggests that this was a harsh lesson taught by the fiery octopus deity, Gurita, to punish the child for breaking many of the tenets of Guritism. The story goes that a mother brought her child to the slopes of the volcano to seek forgiveness, but the misbehaving child thrashed about violently, punching and kicking the whole way. So, Gurita used infernal heat to magnify the child into a monstrous size, then proceeded to wash them off of the island with a torrent of lava.   The lava engulfed the screaming child, who became encrusted in volcanic rock. A lifelong lesson and warning to future generations of children to be well behaved and listen to the teachings of Guritism or risk evoking Gurita's wrath.  
Alternative Names
The Screaming Sinner
Natural Wonder
Parent Location
Isle of Gurita
Geographic Location | Oct 9, 2023

The active volcano in The Iji Islands, home to an angry molten octopus deity.

Cover image: Map of Melior, imperial projection by TJ Trewin


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Luca Poddighe
1 Sep, 2021 19:47

When I read this I went to tidy up my room, just in case Gurita didn't appreciate the mess :D

2 Sep, 2021 13:14

Haha xD you may have just saved yourself from the wrath of a fiery octopus!

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4 Sep, 2021 16:55

I find myself not wanting to anger and fiery octopus deities.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
7 Sep, 2021 08:14

Yeppp not worth the risk!

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