Folly the Dog

Folly the Dog was a loyal hound and canine best friend of the late Emperor Ormond Borchard of The Jolundrian Empire. Folly is probably the most famous dog in all of Jolundria as he was frequently featured in royal portraiture.   Emperor Ormond Borchard was so fond of his dog that he included Folly's likeness into the design of his royal seal. He insisted that Folly would be remembered long after his passing and wrote a decree that demanded that instead of his own portrait on the next generation of currency, it should be a portrait of Folly.   It became the first currency in the world to feature the head of a dog rather than the previous ruler of The Empire.  
Oh I remember Folly all right - that stinky old dog ate exactly the same meals as the emperor, sprouts and all!   Why, that hound used to just sit there next to him - snoring and farting his way through important diplomatic relations! And we'd all have to sit there and try not to retch at the smell because WOE BETIDE YOU if you insulted The Emperor's best friend.   I'd rather endure a Gouper noisily feasting on a week old fish!
  Folly sadly passed away after a long life of twelve years at his master's side. Emperor Ormond Borchard was devastated and grieved for five months straight - he even held a funeral fit for an Aristocrat, where many guests attended and layed the bones of their banquet at the grave of old Folly.
Species: Dog
Appearance: black glossy coat, dark brown drooping eyes, fat waddling gait and a lazily wagging tail
The Jolundrian Empire
Organization | Nov 13, 2020

The Jolundrian Empire is the foremost constitutional monarchy in Melior, encompassing the regions of Arklend, Anvil, Kuldar, and Xul.

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I fell In love with Folly and then you took him away, how could you.

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Oh gosh, a lovable stinky dog. Cute! I love that he became featured on the currency.

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Diplomacy and dog farts...sounds like a perfect pairing, tbh.

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