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  Aristocrats are the upper class and nobility of the world. Many were born into this social class and it’s unlikely to rise into it unless you marry.   They manage their luxurious lifestyles through negotiation, bribes, and enough leftover wealth to hire servants, working folk, and personal guards.    


They value loyalty and power. Those who do not provide either are not trusted and watched carefully. Those who do, on the other hand, are provided with shelter and opportunities in order to continue providing good service.  

Power Struggles

Those private estates and personal stables made prime targets for hungry riftbeasts when they tore into Melior. The wealth of many noble families went up in flames overnight, and those who survived are now desperately trying to protect their assets (and their asses). They’re spending whatever coin they have left on a split between personal guards and funding their businesses.

Living in Luxury

Often in their own private estates, many out of town. They live in large extended families including working folk to tend to their grounds and beasts.   If they learnt to live a humbler lifestyle things would balance out in their favour, but who could step down from a life of luxury into the filth ridden streets? They wish instead for aid from The Jolundrian Empire to rid the threat of riftbeasts upon their estates, businesses, and trade routes.  

Aristocrat is a Social Class background available in character creation using the Ethnis Lite RPG setting!
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Aristocrat Mantras

Alignment Guide Mantra Fulfilment
Lawful Good “I speak for those without a voice.” You are fair and always make sure that everyone has a chance to speak. You strive for equality and are happy to negotiate in order to keep the peace.
Chaotic Good “When you reach the top, keep climbing.” You are ambitious and will go the extra mile to complete tasks to a higher standard. You’re not afraid to approach prestigious folk for work connections and are always on the lookout for intriguing opportunities.
Lawful Evil “Above all others, I trust my gut.” You are meticulous in every aspect of your life. Some folks find you overly cautious, but your attention to detail has saved your hide already more than once.
Chaotic Evil “The right words can open any doors.” You are persuasive and often use your manipulative ways to plot for power and prowess by any means necessary. You gain great delight in solving issues without physical violence.


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