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Captain Dasad

Philosopher of theology turned pirate captain, all because of an infamous painting.

Jeramid Dasad

Captain Dasad portrait
Self-Portrait by Walter Shirlaw 1878
Jeramid Dasad was the only son of a high ranking officer in the Pelkoran navy in Anvil, he grew up on the seas and happily lived his life on deck next to his father.   On his coming of age birthday he was left ashore to celebrate in the city, but when he returned to board in the morning his father's ship had departed for war, never to return again.
In his parting gift, his father had left him a letter and sum of money to enroll at the university, which he honoured and took up philosophy.   Jeramid studied for many years and began to form his own theories about the world he lived in, taking a particular interest in modern theology and ideas pertaining to the Ordained and their Pieces of Fate.  

The Cursed Painting

Dasad was a quiet man and kept mostly to himself. He had a small circle of friends, one of whom was a fine painter he met in the university.   As a gift for his thirtieth birthday, Jeramid was offered to sit for a portrait and decided to wear his father's old ceremonial uniform for the occasion. The painting was fantastic and Dasad agreed to let his friend show it in an upcoming exhibition.   The introverted philosopher decided to pour over his books rather than attend the busy social event.
Overnight he had become the heated talk of the town.   His "friend" had captioned his painting: "The Pirate Captain Dasad" and had spread damaging lies and rumours that implied that Jeramid was working with The Seekers to hunt down Ordained, and had a crew of vicious mercenaries that sailed under the sails of his father's old ship (that they also said he stole from the navy).   As ridiculous as it all sounded, somehow everyone believed the lie - and the legend of Pirate Captain Dasad was born.   Jeramid went into hiding and has not been seen since the painting was unveiled.
Pelkor, Anvil
Dark brown

Cover image: The Art Gallery of Jan Gildemeester Jansz by Adriaan de Lelie 1794 - 1795
Character Portrait image: Self-Portrait by Walter Shirlaw 1878


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