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Onibi - demon fire - is one of the more dangerous hi-no-tama (balls of fire). They drain the life force of anyone that comes too close. Appearing as distant lanterns, they draw travellers away from their paths where they swarm the victim, leaving only a dead husk.


Onibi appear as small balls of blue or blue-white fire. Their size varies, some small enough to fit easily in the palm of a child, whilst others can be the size of an adult's head. Generally they hover above the ground at roughly head-height and usually in groups of up to about thirty. From a distance they might be mistaken for lantern lights and many travellers have chased after them because of this, never to be seen again.


Onibi tend to be found in places surrounded by nature, more often in the spring and summer months. They usually appear in the rain. They keep back from the paths and roads that navigate the land and hide away in between trees and other plants, so that when glimpsed from the road, their true nature isn't determind.
Metaphysical, Supernatural

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