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Motionless Spells

There are, in fact, a variety of spells that can be used to cease the movements of people and objects, depending on the origins. There are those developed by Onmyouji, shinobi or other mystic arts users.


The primary effect of the spell is to cease the motion of a being or object, causing them to come to a complete standstill. Typically, when used upon living beings, the spell still allows some basic functions to continue (so a person caught in the spell will still be able to breathe, sometimes move their eyes or other parts fractionally). However, this is not always the case and in extreme circumstances casting this spell could lead to death (due to stopping of the heart).
Related Organizations
Material Components
For their variant of the spell, onmyouji will use ofuda (strips of paper with seals written upon them), which they will place upon the target. These will stick to the target as part of the spell.   Some users of the mystical arts might achieve the spell by use of powders blown into the face of their targets, whilst others might not use any material aid.
Gestures & Ritual
The shinobi variation of this spell - and sometimes others - will include hand seals. The exact seals will depend on the school or clan of origin, as the spell has been adapted over many centuries.
Effect Duration
The effect duration varies depending on the strength of the caster and also the intended length.
Typically this is a short range spell (though not always).

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