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15th March 2022

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There have always been those that are gifted, different, special. In the past they were demigods, heroes, witches, wizards. They were few and as persecution of those different increased the few there were hid themselves and they passed into myth.   Champion changed everything; in 1952 the superhuman revealed himself to the world becoming the first superhero. Many heroes and villains would emerge in the following years but none quite so powerful as Champion. 1955 saw the first confirmation of life on other planets as the Outsider a galactic super being, manifested Star island off the east coast of the united states. Champion and the newly created Alpha Force defeated him and banished him from the solar system.
Villains rose but the heroes were always there to defeat them.   Until the V’sori arrived Killing the earths heroes and subjugating the world, but resistance groups formed, the most powerful Omega lead by the most unlikely person, the infamous villain Dr Destruction.   After 4 years of occupation the Star City Omega cell managed to scrape together the knowledge and resources to throw back the alien invaders. Joined by the resurgent Atlantian Empire and other resistance cells around the planet they defeated the V’sori and won the freedom of the earth.
In the last 5 years the world has been rebuilding under the guidance of the now resurfaced Atlantis, as the only functioning nation on the planet the Atlantian Empire has stepped in as leader of the world.


Masks: A Time of Crisis

Masks: A New Generation

Adventures featuring the teenage children of the previous generation of heroes