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2022 GO AU AM 2022 NaNoWriMo - Good Omens Alternate Universe Arranged Marriage Fantasy Fiction

GOmens (c) Neil Gaiman & terry Pratchett
Lucifer (c) Neil Gaiman & DC Comics
world and story (c) Mekachu04
GO nobleman AU. Focusing in arranged marriage of lower nobles in a conflict they want no part in.   Almost a Romeo and Juliet like in tale in it's main players are two young people from warring families. Instead of them marring in secret and then killing themselves, its instead an arranged marriage meant to unite the families in peace. what they don't know if that their families are planning on the marriage failing, so they can use it as a catalyst to start a war they desperately want - but the people do not.   problem is - the couple falls in love anyway. but their families still want their war.