My summercamp2022pledge

I will start a new world, called 1957, as basis for a novel series located in the year 1957, but with alternate history.
A different approach to the United Nations Organisation, Austria as a neutral key player in diplomacy and espionage as well as the intellectual fight between a roman catholic priest and a communist architect are the baselines of the world. Decolonisation, scientific (fiction) innovations, 50s chic and marvellous traveling around the same but different world will be the plot-driving source.
I will try to achieve diamond badge ;-)  

Second part of the homework


Here I shall explain the new world map, the countries and why they developed in this way.


This part will contain all my main characters, as they lead organisations or at least special missions.


I'm not quite sure what to add here, but maybe I'll explore some war crimes, some secret organisations or maligne plots. Maybe it will be also about decolonisation and new philosophical approaches in the 50ies....


This will be about some ressources consuming technologies and their enviromental impacts (as was true in the 50ies in fact).  

Third part of the homework


  1. The mission - heartbreaking drama in the jungles of Paraguay. Three characters, three different approaches to help the Indigenos, three failures to colonialism and greed.
    by Internet
  2. James Bond - The spy who loved me - cooperation during cold war, Austrian villain and cool submarines, what do one need more to be content?
    by Internet
  3. Dune - The lynch version of Herberts Dune is not everyones cup of tea, but I like the attemt. Princess Irulans introduction is genious, Patric Stewart, Kyle Maclachlan is a good son, but bad leader; female sisterhoods who plan sinister genmanipulation and domination of the universe; mutated guild navigators and an ottoman styled Emperor: Perfect start to fight.
    by Internet


  1. American Horror Story Hotel - As the atmosphere is gigantic and intimidating, quite in the right mixture. I like the Art Deco Style, the hidden motivations and the strange characters. Also the changement between beauty and evil is inspiring.
    by Internet
  2. Hart to Hart - This 80is show has an unbroken positive tone, a loving couple in the midst and the approach to solve every problem by charm, love and a bit of wizkidness.
    by Internet
  3. Relic hunter - Traveling the most beautiful places in the world, having a strong femal lead and funny male supporter is quite a good start for inspiration. Also the university background makes some good source.
    by Internet


  1. Don Carlos - Friendship, fidelity and betrayal. After a play from Schiller Verdi composed this masterpiece of intrigacy, lost hopes and best motives on the way to desaster.
    by Verdi
  2. Rienzi - Founding a medieval Roman republic to end nobel civil war, music of both, war and the hope for peace, engagement and vanity, faith and family, Wagners romantic opera arrouses all sorts of human emotions.
    by Wagner
  3. Le Cinesi - Exotic ambiente, baroque music, nonsensical drama. Gluck offers three Chinese women, who try to entertain entertain a boy who just came back from Europe with a tragic scena, a pastoral duet and a comic aria which all concludes in a balett of the four.
    by Gluck

Fourth part of the homework

Writing time and place

I will write every day from 7-8 pm; other free time slots will be added to this daily working session as possible. The place to wrtite will be my desk, with only an atlas and the two novels, which are situated in the world of 1957.
by Gugerel
by Gugerel


I will cooperated with my illustrator; maybe ask some friends to counterread the organisation-articles. Maybe some German-reading colleagues from Wa will leyve their comments - hopefully?

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