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Willa Jotünn

Crazy, Old Sven's daughter

Willa is, aside from Skadi, the only other Jotünn stonelord. In Thrymheim, she is best known as Crazy Old Sven's daughter, the only Jotünn to deal with gakkas and keep their company. In Jiehgied, she is known as the stonelord with electrifying hair and few words.  

Personal History


Her father Sven taught her from an early age to learn to appreciate gakkas. These animals, while powerful against a simple dwarf, are in reality weak, particularly when separated from the heard, in comparison to the dangerous animals that roam the island.   So, when it became time for her to obtain a childhood animal, she of course selected a gakka. This surprised her father in no small measure, who had never bothered taming the wild gakkas, and rather just "blended in" with them. But his father was always a gentle soul, so he understood that this was her way.  


When Triksle, her gakka, died, Willa was inconsolable. She left her father and wandered in the wilderness, seeking to see by herself the dangers the wild gakkas had to deal with on a regular basis, and what else the island had to offer.   It was during this solitary period that Willa found herself in mortal danger. Not from a dangerous animal or magical beast, but rather, from the deadliest storm she had ever seen. Between the snow and the wind, Willa could not see or hear where she was going. Knowing her death was near, she grabbed the dice she had crafted from Triksle's bones. A delicate set of six 5-sided dice, each dice a small "pentagon rod" with names engraved on each side of the flat rod edges. On one side of the rod, she had engraved a W. On the other, a T.  

A death wish

As she rolled the dice one last time, wishing she had met someone to play with before her death, someone did appear. Willa fond herself in a quiet bubble, shielded from the thundering storm. An avian humanoid, but not a tengu, was in front of her. Willa didn't know, and still doesn't know, but a Waamamagan had graced her with her presence. A powerful outsider, commonly used by the gods Hei Feng and Monad.   The womanly figure said her name was Kraaktz and wanted to play some dice. As the words came through her silvery beak, Willa knew instantly that this figure had listened to her plea. She knew she was in dangerous territory, but she was about to die a moment earlier, so, she told Kraaktz that she would love to play with her. Kraaktz took out a pouch of metallic, five-sided dice, and set out to play with her.   Willa played and played with Kraaktz, not realizing the passage of time. All of the sudden, Kraaktz interrupted her conversation and told her the storm was leaving, and so must she. Kraaktz told her she would give her a gift, so that she should not forget how fun it is to have company. Willa didn't find out what the gift was until the storm had passed and she found herself right by a settlement.  

Physical characteristics

Willa is a dwarven woman nearing her middle-age years. Half her hair is silvery-white, the other half is blond. This was Kraaktz's gift. A sure conversation starter wherever she went. Despite this, she has yet to come up with a good story about it.   Anyone touching it gets a jolt of static electricity, enough to make their own hairs bolt upright. In combat, her hair allows her to do 1d4 electricity damage to anyone engaged with her in melee combat as a swift action.
Weakness: Antisocial
Needs: Open-mindedness
Desires: A friend
Verbal Mannerism: Speaks only in short sentences or nods


  Willa has a gakka that she uses as a mount. Her gakka is a wild gakka, captured young from a wild heard, and as such behaves much more unpredictably than city folks are used to. Her name is Snuffy and is very stubborn.   Aside from her gakka dice, her other most valued possession is a little wooden figurine of a yawning walrus, painted in red and black.  
Other items
  • 5 gold pieces
  • Leather apron
  • Long sword
  • A book of exotic images
  • Snorkelling mask

    This?   Umm... Oh that's nothing.   I woke up one day and my hair was standing up, and half of it was white!

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