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Two sides, one animal

A Pathfinder adventure for level 5 characters

This was the seed for my first published Pathfinder adventure: Following the Tracks.
This is what I wrote in the early days of putting together the adventure, and almost all of it can be found in the finished adventure!

Content Warnings: animal trade   Intent: In this adventure players will have to decide whether to stick by a deal, or to rescue a group of harmless magical beasts   Tone: A (mostly) peaceful and slow adventure set in a savannah   Themes: there's two sides to every story   Length: Aiming for a 4 hour or so adventure, that can be used as a plug-in quest in any campaign that may need something to do while travelling in the savannah.

The group of adventurers are given a task by a group of caravan traders: retrieve the animals stolen to them. The adventurers soon discover that said animals were liberated by a group of wildlife enthusiasts, who want the players help to return the animals to their original plane.
Major NPCs (traders):
  ■ Triakal'za (wife of Gankien'za; caravan owner; bard 4)
  ■ Gankien'za (husband of Triakal'za; caravan owner; cleric 4)
  ■ Loxi'za (elephant caretaker; cousin of Triakal'za & wife of Farek'za; ranger 4)
  ■ Farek'za (wife of Loxi'za; accountant)
  ■ Drabha'za (teenager, son of Triakal'za and Gankien'za)
Story hook

You spot in the distance a caravan: five people are standing around one elephant mount. Once you approach them, some of them stand on guard, ready to defend themselves, but a female tabaxi stands foward, confident and calm.

Please, excuse my travelling companions. We were just assulted by a bunch of bandits, and they are a bit wary.

Story Beats

Encounter with merchants
Savannah exploration: whislting trees & animals (impalas, giraffe, cheetahs)
A lucrative proposition
  Tracking the bandits
Avoiding savannah dangers
The issue is not what it seemed
  Battle with merchants/Travelling to the First World     Complications:
  • Adventurers try to kill the merchants instead of agreeing to find the stolen animals: a warning trumpet and aggressive posture from the elephant mount should make adventurers think twice about this
  • Adventurers cannot track the bandits: could have them in peril and then be rescued by the bandits they were searching for
  • The adventurers defeat the "bandits": obtain gold or one lilipotamus as a recompense
  • The adventurers return the animals to the first plane: obtain a fey boon (?) and a sample of the sleep pollen

Cover image: by Sini Tuulia


Author's Notes

I thought Adventure April would be a good time to publish the seed of my Pathfinder adventure.   It took me a long time to write and put together, but I am quite happy with the end product, and it all started here in WA. Please note that I have sought (and obtained) permission to publish and promote this project in WA.

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Apr 12, 2021 20:47 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Sorry for the double like, I accidentally clicked like a silly!   This is such a cool little seed of an adventure. I love that all is not what it seems at first. It sounds like it'd be a really fun little scenario to roleplay. :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Apr 13, 2021 16:14

Hi Emily, no worries! I do that too at times xD
Thanks so much for stopping by. Do let me know if you ever end up running it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Apr 13, 2021 11:42 by James Slaven

This is looking great! I'm excited to read the finished product. Also, I'm already such a big fan of the lilipotamus! Too cute.   I know it's not finished yet, but I noticed: "The group of adventurers are given a task by a group of caravan traders: retrieve the animals stolen FROM them."   Keep up the good work!

Apr 13, 2021 16:12

Hi, James!   Thank you so much. The lilipotamuses are super cute, I agree. I am super happy with the work the artist, Sini Tuulia, did.   To be clear, the adventure is finished and published. This is the outline I did for it way back when. I do not want to alter the outline too much at this point, as I'd like to show the initial stages of adventure development. Messy writing and all. I promise the published adventure shouldn't have any such issues. Either the editor or I should have caught those pesky errors.   Cheers!

Apr 14, 2021 11:41 by James Slaven

Ah ok! That's my bad. I didn't realize this was the outline, and I thought that you had yet to flesh it out. I'll have to go check out the full adventure then!