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Melkier Snaer

Warning: Violence against pregnant woman

Personal history


Melkier's name means Utter Darkness or Deeper Darkness. Her mother was a prostitute who got beat up so badly while very pregnant that they caused her to give birth. Melkier was born in a puddle of black coagulated blood, bruised up and darkened. She was also born an orphan, as her mother died during delivery. So dire were her beginnings, her mother's boss could not give her a less apt name.  


Melkier's childhood was spent half in her mother's borthel, working as servant, cook, cleaning girl etc... She did not grow into a beautiful teenager and had a silent personality, both bad characteristics for a prostitute.   The brothel's owner decided to give her up for adoption to a farmer family that was eager to have someone help them in their elderly years. While Melkier and her parents never grew to have a natural love for each other, they did find friendship and companionship with each other. Both her parents died during the first wave of the plague, leaving her to manage the farm by herself.  


Melkier quite likes her name, despite its dark origins, and has a strong affinity for the colour black. As such, many of her possessions are this colour, even though it is not a cheap colour to make or maintain.  
  • 10 copper pieces
  • 2 gold pieces
  • A piece of green seaglass
  • Padded leather armour
  • Skull headed club: the teeth are real teeth she set into the club
  • Shells of talking
  • A pocket book of local laws
  • Black short sword
  • Bowl helm
  • 10 ft. leather strap
  • Oil lamp
  • 5 iron ingots
  • Though file
  • Obsidian dagger
  • Looking for: Someone to have an ale with
    Personality: Studious
    Current task: Breaking-up a giant of boot-leggers
    Hates: Being the center of attention, craves annonimity
    Dislikes: Heat

    Physical appearance

    Her brown hair sometimes has ginger flashlights when viewed in the sun. At least when clean, which she usually doesn't keep clean.   In general, Melkier does not keep herself well-kept since she arrived back in the city. Her hair is smelly and her general appearance is not inviting.   Unconsciously, she has been making herself grubby, hoping to avoid unwanted attention from the hordes of people living in the city. Particularly, the men. She has an unconscious fear of ending up in a brothel like her mother.

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