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Kormak Moegur

Kormak had a quiet life during the plague, as the plague never really reached the monastery where he studied. However, he still heard the harrowing tales about the havoc it wrecked on the island. Unable to leave the monastery during the plague, as those were his training years, he finally was able to present himself for sortition at the same time as Skadi.  


Unacustomed to the city life, Kormak spent all of his savings in an undead monkey servant. The monkey quarrels with his beloved white crow, but Kormak is not willing to let go so easily of the monkey.   His albino crow is called Gárantas and his undead monkey came with the name Čohk.  


  His most prized possession is a breastplate he inherited from his parents. He thought he would never get a chance to wear it, seeing how it was an impediment to a monk's fighting style. Although not yet an experienced stonelord, he has taken the opportunity of this new position to wear his breastplate.   A walking stick made from driftwood.
Other items
  • The rod that controls the undead monkey.
  • 5 gold pieces
  • Monk robes
  • Bowl helm
  • 2 flasks of holy water
  • 1 bottle of premium wine
  • 1 jar of honey
  • Weakness: Won't ask for help (except to his undead monkey servant, that is precisely why he bought him)
    Needs: Justice
    Desires: Gold
    Quirk: Constantly sniffling
    These coal fires are fantastic! In the monastery, we usually only use gakka pallets as fuel for braziers. And we use them very sparingly, nothing like these braziers, warming the room all day!

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