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Katania Saltfaetur

Katania lived her whole live in Glaxidr. Born into a fishing family, she never had as much in life as she desired. She married a trader, both out of infatuation and out of hope that a trader would have a better lifestyle than she did. He did not. Poor as she was, he scraped by with the little money he was able to make.  

Sick with life

Katania had had a child before the plague, and had another one soon after the plague arrived to the island. Both of them survived, although her youngest was disfigured by the disease. Tired of everything being so terrible all the time, Katania started going on exploratory surveys into Mermaid's Tail while she was supposed to be out fishing.   And she found a lot of valuable and less valuable things. Enough to not only get by, but significantly improve her family's outlook. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. One day, Katania found strangers in Mermaid's Tale. They were both pissed that Katania had "stolen" from the island, but also impressed that she had been doing it alone. So they offered her to join them.  

Into the Shark Cult

Not wanting to lose her life, Katania joined this religious group that seemingly worshipped sharks and their ruthlessness above all else. She continued working with them for a time, as they had her deliver messages while she was out fishing. Eventually things got too risky for the pay she was receiving.   With the warden sortition on the horizon, Katania decided to try her hand at being a warden. The steady pay would help her family, and being far away from the coast in the capital would do her good. Even if that meant being away from her kids & husband.
Weakness: Cold
Needs: Mentorship
Desires: A legendary job
That ain't worth the effort...


She wears plate armour (that is too small for her) and an invisible helm that she scavenged from a dead person in Mermaid's Tail.   From the same person she got an expedition log. The log is missing several pages, but it may still be useful, although Katania doesn't know how. She uses a pressed flower that her older kid made for her as a bookmark.
Other items
  • 5 gold pieces
  • Bastard sword
  • Warhammer
  • Invisible helm
  • Jar of grease
  • 3 torches
  • Lantern
  • Endless soap

  • Cover image: by Stefan Keller


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