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Illegible journal

Bound by stiff, thick cording, this thin journal is nothing but an assembly of pages bound together. There are no covers, although there is text on the front page.   Read the front page
Make a Will saving throw.   Success: A nauseating tickle runs through your spine, which makes you lift your eyes from the book.   Failure: You need to submerge the book in water and forget about it.  
  Read the back page
These are the extent of my contributions to the field. I hope to continue to improve upon my experiments. I fear, with utter glee, that not even the folks at Friac'seoue have reached the true potential of this type of magic.
  Make a Reflex saving throw.
  Read a random page
Subject: Halfling, male, divination wizard.   Kragiliu clearly had the influence of magic upon his being at the time of the ritual, which caused all manner of side effects. I was briefly stunned and the crawling hand seemed intelligent enough to escape, despite not even having been imbibed with sacrificial blood.   His body operated normally when attached to a dryad's bushy hand. But his latent magic, or the dryads, have enabled this zombie to retain the dryad's tree stride abilities. I must experiment further to combine magical beings.

  Ignore it
Continue to explore the room.
GM's notes
This journal contains the grisly details of the experimentations Ezanoip has been performing.   If the PCs manage to get through the illusory script, by a combination of the true seeing spell with the read magic or comprehend languages spell, they can read the title of the book: "Mixed-species zombies". The book contains a number of mixes of humanoids and other species. Mostly a humanoid whose hand was removed for the creation of a crawling hand, and a creature's hand or appendage.


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