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Avermound Fence Criminal 5

The longer criminals hold on to stolen loot, the greater the chance they will get caught. Fences make themselves indispensable in the underworld by paying for stolen goods in order to resell them later, whether through a seemingly legitimate business or to a closed group of elite buyers.
Perception Expert
Languages Common, Halfling, Elvish,
Skills Accounting Lore Expert , Acrobatics Trained , Crafting Expert , Deception Expert , Diplomacy Trained , Intimidation Trained , Society Trained , Stealth Trained , Thievery Trained , Underworld Lore Master ,

STR -1 , DEX +4 , CON +0 , INT +4 , WIS +3 , CHA +4

  • Clothing
  • shortsword
  • 10 Daggers
  • Bird Feather Token, Disguise Kit, Lesser Darkvision Elixir, Lesser Smokesticks two, Thieves Tools
AC 20
Saving Throws Fort +9, Ref +13, Will +16
Speed 25 ft
Melee Shortsword Expert +9 +5 , Damage Piercing   Sneak Attack 2d6
Ranged Thrown Dagger Expert +9 +5 , Damage Piercing
Special Abilities Quick Rummage - A Fence can draw and strike with a weapon in a single action   Fence's Eye- Fences live by their ability to recognize a viable trade. They can use Underworld Lore to identify an item's value and Identify Magic on an item. They gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Underworld Lore checks when doing so, and to Underworld Lore checks to determine whether an item was stolen, whether a stolen item would be too recognizable to easily move, and who would be interested in purchasing such an item.   Scoundrel's Feint- When the fence successfully Feints, their target is flat-footed against the fence's attacks until the end of the fence's next turn. On a critical success, the target is flat-footed against all attacks until the end of the fence's next turn.

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Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Monster / NPC