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Gobbo Footpad Criminal 2

Using their strength to bully others into submission, Footpads often work as bodyguards and enforcers for powerful criminals like charlatans and fences.
Perception Expert Darkvision
Languages Common
Skills Athletics Trained , Intimidation Expert , Stealth Trained

STR +3 , DEX +3 , CON +3 , INT -1 , WIS +1 , CHA +2

Items club, sling (10 bullets), studded leather armor
AC 18
Saving Throws Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +5
Speed 25 ft
  • club Expert +4 / -1 , Damage bludgeoning
  • sling Expert +4 / -1 (propulsive, range increment 50 feet, reload 1), Damage bludgeoning
  • Club Expert +4 / -1 (thrown 10 feet), Damage bludgeoning
Special Abilities
  • Attack of Opportunity-
  • Brutal Beating The Footpad's brutality shakes foes' confidence. When the Footpad deals damage on a critical hit, the target is frightened 1, and the Footpad can knock the target up to 10 feet away (this is forced movement).
  • Snagging Strike Single Action Trigger The Footpad has one hand free, and its target is within reach of that hand; Effect The Footpad makes a melee Strike while keeping one hand free. If this Strike hits, the target is flat-footed until the start of the ruffian's next turn or until it leaves the ruffian's reach, whichever comes first.
  • Sneak Attack The Footpad deals an extra 1d6 precision damage to flat-footed creatures.

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Pathfinder 2e

Statblock Type

Monster / NPC