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Flesh Weaver: Arcane Tradition

Wizard Arcane Tradition

Sculptor of Flesh

At 2nd level, you learn to use Flesh Weaving and craft a powerful bond with an undead creature you create. By spending 8 hours of work and 50 gp worth of zombified materials, you undergo the process of creating a Zombie. When complete, the Zombie awakens and is under your control as per the **Zombie Minion** feature. The Zombie uses the statistics in the monster manual, but you are free to provide personality traits to make your zombie unique.   You can only have one Zombie Minion at a time. If your Zombie is slain, the Flesh Weaving essence that makes up your Zombie’s personality waits for a new host. With 8 hours of work and a further 20 gp worth of materials, the same Zombie arises in the newly sculpted undead body. You can return your Zombie from unlife even if you do not possess any parts of the first corpse.  

Zombie Minion

Your Zombie gains a variety of benefits while bonded with you. The Zombie obeys your commands to the best of its ability. It rolls for initiative like any other creature, but you control its actions, decisions, attitudes, and so on. If you are incapacitated, your Zombie acts on its own in the best of your interest.   Your Zombie has abilities and statistics determined in part by your level. The Zombie uses your proficiency bonus rather than its own. In addition to areas where it usually uses its proficiency bonus, your Zombie also adds its proficiency to damage rolls. Your Zombie gains proficiency in two skills of your choice and becomes proficient in all saving throws.   For each level you gain after 2nd, your Zombie gains an additional hit die and increases its hit points accordingly. Whenever you gain the Ability Score Improvement class feature, your Zombie’s abilities also improve. You can increase one of the Zombie’s ability scores by 2, or it can increases two abilities scores by 1, never exceeding 20 using this feature.  

Sculpted Warrior

At 6th level, your work sculpting the exterior of your Zombie provides increased stamina and agility. Your Zombie gains proficiency in light and medium armor. When your Zombie isn't wearing armor it’s AC becomes 12.   Your Zombie's base walking speed also increases to 30 feet. Additionally, your Zombie is immune to damage from spells you cast at 3rd level or lower.  

Undead Champion

At 10th level, your Zombie gains proficiency with all simple weapons and martial melee weapons. It may also attune to one magical item of very rare quality or lower.  

Zombie Archtype

When you reach 14th level, you’ve learned to customize your Zombie to fit your needs in combat. With 8 hours of work and 20 gp worth of materials, you can apply one of the following upgrades to your Zombie. Your Zombie can only have one upgrade at a time but by spending the necessary time and material cost, you may reconfigure your Zombie as needed.   Hunter: Your Zombie gains *multiattack* and can make two attacks on its turn.   Fighter: Your Zombie regains 10 hit points at the start of each of its turns if it has at least 1 hit point.   Mage: Your Zombie gains the Magic Initiate feat. It uses half your wizard level and its personal ability score for spellcasting.

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