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Disable a Device

Requirements Some devices require you to use thieves’ tools when disabling them.
Description This action allows you to disarm a trap or another complex device. 
Applications Often, a device requires numerous successes before becoming disabled, depending on its construction and complexity. Thieves’ tools are helpful and sometimes even required to Disable a Device, as determined by the GM, and sometimes a device requires a higher proficiency rank in Thievery to disable it. Your Thievery check result determines how much progress you make. Degrees of Performance
  • Critical Success You disable the device, or you achieve two successes toward disabling a complex device. You leave no trace of your tampering, and you can rearm the device later if that type of device can be rearmed.
  • Success You disable the device, or you achieve one success toward disabling a complex device.
  • Critical Failure You trigger the device.

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Pathfinder 2e

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Action / Feat