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Pathfinder 2e, Class, Fighter

Hit Points


Key Ability

Strength or Dexterity


Level Benefits
1st Ancestry and background initial proficiencies attack of opportunity fighter feat
2nd Fighter feat skill feat
3rd Bravery general feat skill increase
4th Fighter feat skill feat
5th Ability boosts ancestry feat fighter weapon mastery skill increase
6th Fighter feat skill feat
7th Battlefield surveyor general feat skill increase weapon specialization
8th Fighter feat skill feat
9th Ancestry feat combat flexibility juggernaut skill increase
10th Ability boosts fighter feat skill feat
11th Armor expertise fighter expertise general feat skill increase
12th Fighter feat skill feat
13th Ancestry feat skill increase weapon legend
14th Fighter feat skill feat
15th Ability boosts evasion general feat greater weapon specialization
16th Fighter feat skill feat
17th Ancestry feat armor mastery skill increase
18th Fighter feat skill feat
19th General feat skill increase versatile legend
20th Ability boosts fighter feat skill feat


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Pathfinder 2e

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2e Pathfinder Class